Merge Wood: Block Puzzle
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2.5 ★★★

Merge Wood Block Puzzle - Try to Reach a High Number

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A fun merge puzzle game that you can play is Merge Wood Block Puzzle. Published by Lihuhu Pte Ltd., it’s a game where you merge wood blocks that have similar numbers in them to create a higher number. The goal in the game is simple and that’s to reach the highest number you can. It sounds simple and easy, and for the early part, it is. But as you continue to merge and the blocks continue to increase, the puzzle game becomes more challenging to play.

And you will see that when we discuss in more detail the Merge Wood Block Puzzle gameplay. We will also look at the features to know what to expect from the puzzle game.

Merge Similar Numbers to Get A High Number

The only thing you’ll do in Merge Wood Block Puzzle is to merge blocks with similar numbers on them. It will result in a higher number being formed. The goal of the game is simple and that’s to reach the highest possible number you can before the puzzle board is filled with wooden blocks. This game is easy to play at first. But once you start reaching higher numbers it becomes more difficult to progress.

Speed and keen eyesight are what you’ll need in Merge Wood Block Puzzle. You need to be quick in seeing similar numbers and merging them to lessen the blocks on the puzzle board. You will have some power-ups to help, but they’re limited, so you need to be wise in how you use them in Merge Wood Block Puzzle.

How to Play Merge Wood Block Puzzle

All you have to do is merge two blocks with a similar number. You just tap, hold, and move the block to merge it with a similar block. Just make sure you can move the block, which means it’s not underneath another block. If it is underneath another block, just move the block on top to move around the ones underneath in the game.

The game is simple and easy to do at first, but as more blocks appear on the board, it becomes harder. There’s a timer while you’re playing. Once the timer ends, a row of blocks will appear from the bottom in Merge Wood Block Puzzle. It’s needed to allow you to continue merging. This is why speed is important. But as you reach higher numbers, you tend to slow down because you’ll need to reach the same high number with another block for merging. This results in blocks quickly filling up the puzzle board.

And this is how you’ll end up in a game over. It’s why speed is important in Merge Wood Block Puzzle. You need to make sure the board won’t fill quickly and you do that by eliminating the blocks as quickly as possible.

Merge Wood Block Puzzle Game Features

  • A simple and fun game that becomes challenging as you progress
  • Use boosters to remove extra blocks quickly
  • Achieve daily goals for awesome rewards
  • Challenge yourself with the Endless Mode and see how long you’ll last

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How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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