Mermaid Princess Makeup – Girl Fashion Salon Download Free PC Games on Gameslol
Mermaid Princess Makeup – Girl Fashion Salon Best PC Games

Mermaid Princess Makeup – Girl Fashion Salon

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Mermaid Princess Makeup – Girl Fashion Salon Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Mermaid Princess Makeup - Girl Fashion Salon for PC | Free Mermaid Princess Game

Meet our cute little mermaid. She is the deep ocean’s princess, living in the palace under the sea. She is a happy-go-lucky lass who just loves everything fun under the water and the sun. But things are about to get interesting. It seems our cute little mermaid is smitten by a human. It was love at first sight for her. She just felt something special the first time she saw him. Little did she know that human is a prince. And his birthday is coming up. Download Mermaid Princess Makeup – Girl Fashion Salon to your desktop PC game for free.


Will you help our little princess get ready for the party?

The handsome prince has invited our sweet little mermaid to his birthday bash. Our cutie mermaid wants to look and feel her best. She needs help in getting ready for the party. Perhaps a beautiful dress and makeup to complete her princess look. Can you help our little mermaid? Join her as she embarks on a complete makeover and gets ready for the royal party. Play Mermaid Princess Makeup – Girl Fashion Salon free.


Check out the Mermaid Princess Makeup – Girl Fashion Salon PC game

This wonderful dress-up game has a mermaid princess theme. Your goal is to help our cute little mermaid find the best dress that suits her for the royal birthday party. You will also need to apply her makeup so she can look and feel her most beautiful best. The Mermaid Princess Makeup – Girl Fashion Salon desktop game starts out by having our cute princess enjoy a relaxing spa to lighten her skin. Rejuvenate and reveal the youthful glow of her skin. When that is done, it is time to apply her makeup. Not too much though; only enough to enhance her beauty and make her graceful presence shine in the royal party. For the final touch, help our little mermaid pick the perfect outfit for her to wear in the party. Find a beautiful dress and style her in the most elegant fashion.

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