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About this Game

If you have a penchant for solving mazes and puzzles, then this game is worth checking out! Mine Maze 3D is a free adventure puzzle game where you will be thrown inside a cubic labyrinth and look for Diamonds to collect. Aside from that, you have to find a way out of the maze as quickly as possible! The game features a classic maze design in 2D pixel-art style. There are lots of levels of varying difficulties, and your spatial intelligence will surely be tested in this game!

Mine Maze 3D Gameplay

In Mine Maze 3D, you have to collect three Diamonds that can be found inside the labyrinth. Once you have gathered all these Diamonds, you must find a way out from the labyrinth to successfully complete the level. Your time will be recorded and shown beside each level that you have completed. Mine Maze 3D features more than 20 levels to complete.

Of course, it’s not easy getting out from a labyrinth-like maze. So if you are having trouble finding the exit, you can tap on the compass that is located on the right part of the screen. It will show you how near or far you are from the exit! The quicker you can collect Diamonds and get out from the maze, the higher your score will be! So make sure you use your time efficiently, and try to be mindful of your directions inside the maze.

Mine Maze 3D: Key Game Features

  • Unique maze structures to get out of.
  • Intuitive and simple controls.
  • Find the exit using the compass as a guide.
  • More than 20 levels to clear! Each level varies in difficulty.
  • Enjoy 2D-Pixel gameplay.

With its 2D-Pixel design, Mine Maze 3D will remind you of other adventure games like Lokicraft and Pixel Gun 3D. So if you want a similar thrill, you can also download those games on your PC for free!

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