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About this Game

Bored with your monotonous routine in the office or at home? Looking for a free online game that will add excitement to your dull and weary day? Flappy Ball might be the game you are looking for! Flappy Ball is an online HTML5 game that will test your patience and strength of mind. In this game, your goal is to keep the ball afloat in the air while avoiding the poles and see how far you can go without hitting an obstacle. Don’t let a day pass without adding excitement to your day, play Flappy Ball for free on your PC!  We promise you, you will never leave your computer again without winning the game. Interested? Don’t wait now, play the game it’s free!


Flappy Ball


Flappy Ball Game Features:

If you love Flappy Bird and footballthen you’ll fall head over heels with Flappy Ball! Mixing the fun game dynamics of Flappy Bird and the excitement and visuals of a soccer match, Flappy Ball will have everyone cheering from their PCs as you play this game. To know more features about the game, read on below:


More Interesting Background

Compared to its predecessor, Flappy Ball is set on a soccer field background. The game will start on an empty soccer field, you must keep pressing your mouse to keep the ball in the air until you reach the poles. Now the fun starts when you see the poles but make sure you avoid hitting them if you want to stay in the game.


Flappy Ball


Colorful Graphics and Cheerfyl Background Noise

In terms of graphics, the color combination featured in the background of Flappy Ball is more vibrant and appealing.  The game’s graphics are more detailed and very charming to the eyes. The background music is also very realistic as if you are really on a live soccer field. People are chanting and cheering for you. If you pass a pole successfully, you will hear them cheer.  Similarly, if you hit a pole, you will hear them say “Awww!” as if they are affected with your predicament. When you hit the ball, it sounds like the real thing. There is also a band playing at the background, giving players a realistic feel of a lively field.


Flappy Ball


Seal Your Name on the Leaderboard

Though there are no gold coins or trophy to collect, putting your name in the leaderboard is an achievement that not all players will get to accomplish. The game requires you to focus on controlling the ball. Let’s face it, not everyone has that skill and patience.   Luckily, if you are able to get a high score, that’s more than enough bragging rights to show.


No In-app Purchases Required

Flappy Ball online game is one of those cool games you can play on your computer for free. No download required, no sign-up or registration needed! Just click on the link and play anytime. There are also no in-app purchases required, meaning you can enjoy the game without shelling out a single cent. The game is 100% free to play. So what are you waiting for? Click on your mouse and let’s find out how far you can keep the ball floating in Flappy Ball!

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