Ninja Arashi: Epic Action 2D Platforming Game

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About this Game

Do you want to see if you have what it takes to become a master ninja? Then try out Ninja Arashi. Dash with incredible speed and jump over obstacles while taking down unsuspecting enemies!

Created by Black Panther, Ninja Arashi sees you control the eponymous master ninja who is bent on rescuing his son from the clutches of the sinister devil Orochi. Armed with an assortment of deadly ninja weapons, you are whisked into several levels of dangerous areas and obstacles. This includes map hazards like spinning saws, spear and spike traps, Omni-directional platforms as well as countless patrolling guards. Luckily, Ninja Arashi is more than capable of overcoming these challenges.

Upgrade Awesome Skills & Weapons

Ninja Arashi provides you with a skills progression system that allows you to further improve your efficiency in clearing stages. You can unlock a myriad of ninja weapons such as the shurikens and kodachi to cut down enemies with deadly accuracy.

As you progress through levels, you get to unlock different skills to further improve your ninjitsu. You can check out which skills suit your playstyle and invest your points to hone them to their maximum potential. Moreover, you can also unlock a variety of costumes to customize Arashi as he weaves in and out of battle and across traps and hazards.

Customize and upgrade Arashi’s weapons to strike fear into enemies! Embark on an epic quest to free your son from the clutches of Orochi. Download and play Nina Arashi now!

Ninja Arashi PC Game Features

  • Intense platforming action
  • 45 different levels to complete
  • Customize and upgrade your character
  • Free to play

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