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About this Game

From Battle Creek Games comes a unique take on off-road racing—Offroad Outlaws! Take off-road racing to the next level by choosing and customizing your racer from its suspension, rims, tires, and even the paint job to create the ultimate off-road rig. Then take friends and other players on a racing adventure across different maps!


Modify Your Own Off-Road Rig

Offroad Outlaw grants you the ability to pick the best off-road rig you want and build it from the ground up. Choose from the trusty stock and premium 4×4 trucks, the highly mobile ATVs and quad bikes, to even the hardy dune buggies. From there, you can select what kind of chassis and suspension setup your vehicle needs to make sure it is calibrated the way you want it.


Conquer Various Off-Road Maps

Once you’ve modded your rig, you can test it on different kinds of off-road maps. Choose between woodland, rock park, desert, and stunt park terrains. Each map has its own unique flow and obstacles that will challenge you and your setup.

They also have realistic terrain graphics that further immerses you with the outdoor adventure vibes. This includes excellent mud graphics that stick to your wheels and splashes on your rig, and changing your handling—just like in real life.

Moreover, you can also create your own off-road maps! Pick between the different standard maps and tweak them with various hazards such as huge rocks, sand dunes, and ramps to make them even more challenging to accomplish!


Challenge Your Friends

You can play the game solo or with your friends. Play Offroad Outlaws online to invite your friends. Race around and explore different trails up mountains and through raging rivers, or challenge them in the fun Capture the Flag mode! Challenging your friends to an off-road race requires an Internet connection. So make sure you have a stable connection before doing so.


Download and Play Offroad Outlaws Game on PC

Offroad Outlaws can be played on PC for free. Just scroll down to the Game Download portion of this page and press the ‘PLAY NOW’ button. Doing so will initiate the Offroad Outlaws installer to begin downloading and installing the game on your PC. You will find a similar screenshot like the one below.




Furthermore, it is important to ensure that you have a good internet connection so that you won’t encounter any issues. Once the Offroad Outlaws download is finished completely, the game will automatically start. But if you can’t get enough of off-road adventures, you might want to check out other racing games like Hill Climb Racing and Rider. You can also download these games on your PC for free!


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