Oz: Broken Kingdom™
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Rogue Games, Inc.

Oz Broken Kingdom - Save the Kingdom from the Hideous Dark Forces

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Fight the Great Darkness that has already enveloped the serene Land of Oz. Join Ophelia Shen, the kingdom’s fearless new heroine, and the renowned Oz heroes Tin Man, Lion, and Scarecrow as they set out on an epic journey to thwart the advancing darkness. Re-establish the balance of magic and restore the country to its rightful glory in Oz Broken Kingdom.

This action-packed RPG is not just your original RPG. It’s rooted in a sentimental story, which becomes more thrilling as you know more of it. It’s because you will be the one who will play as a savior of a broken kingdom in this game. So if you want to learn more about Oz Broken Kingdom, you have to continue reading.

Oz Broken Kingdom PC – A Tale from Oz

Published by Rogue Games, Inc., Oz Broken Kingdom will bring you into the broken kingdom of Oz. Yes, the game title itself reveals the overall story that leads to action-packed gameplay. But before we dive into the Oz Broken Kingdom gameplay, there are a few things that you have to know about the story. It will help spark your interest and give you a purpose in fighting the enemies in the game.

Oz Broken Kingdom PC brings a unique and darker twist to the classic The Kingdom of Oz narrative. It tells a story that features the kingdom of Oz overtaken by darkness after Dorothy Gale. At the same time, the Wizard of Oz disappeared. As a result, Queen Ozma used the Pool of Wonders to conjure a figure who could save Oz. So it brings us to the character on a lifeboat of a cargo ship that got stuck in a storm.

Ophelia Shen has hidden away with her cat. The ship was thought to have arrived safely, but as she arrived in Oz, the storm blew her lifeboat from the ship and the rest is history. In this game, players will lead an ensemble of contemporary and vintage Oz heroes in breath-taking turn-based battle. Furthermore, they must elevate their characters to legendary strength, and summon extraordinary powers to vanquish formidable adversaries and win the kingdom over to your cause.

This epic adventure will require them to Investigate Oz’s shadowy nooks, unravel the intriguing riddle, and put good and evil back in their proper place. Not to mention that players can also move up the leaderboards through the leagues by dominating their opponents in the Arenas of Oz.

Travel the Yellow Brick Road

Oz Broken Kingdom features AAA-quality design complete with cinematic cutscenes. The moment you open the app from your desktop, the game’s intro will immediately kick in. The intro will highlight the series of events that will lead to the main protagonist arriving in the land of Oz. As far as the story goes, that is for you to discover to avoid spoilers. Moving forward, you can play this game using your mouse or your fingers if you are using a touchscreen PC or laptop.

With that said, a variety of attacks dependent on mana are available for each playable character. There are four different kinds of assaults, and the way they work against different foes varies. You can level up a particular skill to become more potent after defeating an opponent. In the Emerald City, special coins can be thrown into the Pool of Wonders to level up characters or acquire abilities.

Oz Broken Kingdom is a narrative-driven game packed with brilliant and dark elements. We highly recommend that you play the main game campaign first before engaging in arena battles. Doing this will allow you to master the mechanics of the game and enjoy the game’s narrative seamlessly.

Irresistible Role-Playing Game Features

  • Solve the thrilling mystery and restore the balance between Good and Evil by exploring the dark corners of Oz
  • Upgrade your heroes to peak levels of power
  • Excellent RPG graphics with tuned color details
  • An immersive concept between good and evil
  • Summon amazing abilities
  • Wizard of Oz-inspired overall gameplay
  • Summon and command a powerful team of heroes

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