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About this Game

Are you fond of puzzle games? Improve your mental speed by downloading Panda Pop on your PC. Anyone can play this cute and amazing puzzle game, even the kids can give it a try! Just match 3 bubbles of the same color and free the trapped baby Pandas within those bubbles.

This game has the same concept as that of bubble shooting games. The difference though is that you have to match bubbles to save Baby Pandas from the clutches of an evil Baboon. As the player, you must free them from captivity. Reunite the babies with mother Panda and earn points as well!


Different Puzzles and Levels

Panda Pop starts off with easy puzzles at the beginning. You simply have to match 3 bubbles of the same color. The mother Panda holds a specific colored bubble and you must shoot and connect this to the same colored bubbles above. When your bubble pops more bubbles on top, the higher the chance to free a trapped baby panda nearby.

Failing to aim your bubbles precisely will only create additional obstacles. Unpopped bubbles would accumulate until you fail the particular stage. It is always suggested to think and aim well so you will progress to the next level and save baby Pandas fast!

Like every puzzle game, the difficulty increases with every stage. So expect some mind-boggling puzzles that come your way! You can utilize and maximize your power-ups to complete difficult levels without hassle.


Join Daily Challenges

To make things more exciting in Panda Pop, be sure to join some challenges every day. A new event occurs per day, so you can gain rewards and points fast! Stay focused and sharp on the different bubble arrangements at each level. There are always new events so always check the game daily.


How to Download Panda Pop Game on PC

Installing the Panda Pop game on your own PC is very easy. On the page, just scroll down to the Game Download portion and click the “Play Now” button.




Clicking the “Play Now” button will prompt an installer to start the download of Panda Pop on your desktop. Wait for the installer to finish the download. When the installer is done, you can now play the game and rescue baby Pandas!

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