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About this Game

Do you enjoy playing dress-up games? Pastel colors, flowy dresses, and gorgeous fabric—imagine having these accessories to play with. In this fantastic dress-up game, you can have everything you need to decorate your cute virtual girl to your heart’s content.

Pastel Girl lets you create customized designs and personalized accessories. All this to give your cute virtual girl a signature get-up and unique look. With many colors and backgrounds to choose from, you will definitely enjoy this fun-filled, girly game.

One of the top features of the Pastel Girl game is its “drag and drop” mechanic. Moving the items is easy and convenient. You can quickly dress up your virtual doll with anything you want.

Pastel Girl features the most adorable accessories to make the most perfect outfit and look for your virtual girl. With this dress-up app, you get the best clothing with many choices and artistic designs. Decorate your virtual girl with the most gorgeous dresses and accessories, then share what you created with your friends.

Play Pastel Girl free by downloading this desktop PC game now! If you’re still looking for some Casual Games to pass the time, then check out Hay Day and Tiny Rails!

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