Pathfinder Adventures
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Pathfinder Adventures PC - A Fun & Unique Card Game

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If you are looking for a unique but very fun card RPG to play, then you should try playing Pathfinder Adventures. It’s an RPG card game published by Twin Sails Interactive. If you’re familiar with the card game from Paizo Inc., then you will enjoy this game. It’s a digital version of that game. If not, you’ll still enjoy playing with its unique but very exciting gameplay. Pathfinder Adventures is not your typical card game or RPG.

There will be a learning curve when you play. But that’s all worth it because the game is very fun to play. Let’s talk about this more when we discuss how you’ll play the Pathfinder Adventures game. We’ll also look at the features of this game to see what you can expect.

Chase & Defeat Villains to Close Locations in Pathfinder Adventures

Pathfinder Adventures is not like your typical card game. It’s more like an RPG since your objective is to explore locations and search for villains or henchmen. But all of these activities are done through cards. So, there’s no deck building involved here. You do have characters who are like the leaders and they’re the ones controlling the cards. Pathfinder Adventures is also not like other card games or RPGs where you get to battle an opponent and take turns moving.

What happens in the Pathfinder Adventures game is that you’ll enter a scenario, usually with 2-3 locations open. Your goal is to chase and defeat the villain and henchmen. They will be shuffled randomly in each location. As you enter a location, you need to do a bit of exploring which is just picking up the cards at that location. What you’ll do depends on the card you got. We’ll talk about that more when we discuss how to play Pathfinder Adventures in the next section.

Play the Pathfinder Adventures Gameplay

The great thing about Pathfinder Adventures is that the tutorial is optional. You can choose to skip them all and proceed to play the game. It’s advisable, only if you’ve played the physical version of Pathfinder Adventures. If you haven’t yet, it’s better to go through all of the tutorials. This is because you will have a hard time figuring out the gameplay if you proceed instantly to the gameplay.

There’s going to be a learning curve when you play the Pathfinder Adventures game. It’s why you must go to each tutorial to better understand how the game works. The tutorial won’t just explain everything to you, it will also let you experience playing the game and applying what you learn. With that out of the way, play Pathfinder Adventures on PC now.

Excellent Game Features to Discover

  • Enjoy a unique and challenging gameplay
  • Have fun with the reactive cut scenes the game has
  • Multiple characters for you to use
  • Single-player or Multiplayer (pass-and-play)

If you enjoy playing card RPGs, you should also try Magic: The Gathering Arena or Spellstone. Both are card RPGs that offer more traditional gameplay that you will also have fun with. Get them here in




How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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