Pawnbarian: a Puzzle Roguelike
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Pawnbarian – A Turn-Based Puzzle Roguelike Game of Chess

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Pawnbarian – a Puzzle Roguelike is a turn-based game is a unique take in a chess-like game for having brief yet difficult rounds. In the game, you use hero cards to control opponents with a variety of unique capabilities. Climb to the rank of the mightiest warrior in Chesslands by controlling your heroes, like a chess pawn on a miniature dungeon board.

A Challenging Turn-Based Puzzle Roguelike Game

Pawnbarian is an innovative roguelike that successfully combines the gameplay elements of chess and puzzles. It also has some really stunning 2D graphic design as well as unique and compelling mechanics. Here, players take control of a particular type of warrior who explores dangerous dungeons in search of treasure and foes. The battles are turn-based and take place on a compact table.

Pawnbarian guides visitors through perilous areas inhabited by nocturnal creatures. These daring expeditions demand a great deal of guts and fortitude. Players must also deal with the bodyguards that block the path. Confronting the current monarchy inside the dungeon is the final and most arduous challenge. By overcoming this barrier, the greatest military minds are generated, and they then start showing up for battles. There is an AI that must be defeated by evolving and developing new tactics. They are also exceedingly difficult to defeat because of their meticulous planning. Players only get a little over a month, though, to vanquish them.

Dominate the Dungeon Board with Your Hero Deck of Chess Pieces

In the Pawnbarian game, your strong squad of warriors will determine the course of action you will take. Use your special chess challenge to take on your adversaries. You are not required to wage war using the conventional strategy of mass troop mobilization. This is because you can co-coordinate the deliberate extermination of specified adversaries when combating monsters. The ability of chess pieces to move is shared by heroes. So, you must calculate the optimal course of action before making each move. Defeating the adversary as fast and thoroughly is the best strategy to avoid getting defeated swiftly. No conflict has to result in one side demeaning the other side. This is because a single decisive blow determines the winner.

You can advance from beginner artisans to seasoned ones. That is, from being a pawn to a king or queen; by making a profit across several battles. The ability to play at a high level is a big benefit once you have made an advanced chess piece. Yet it takes a long time to create such pieces. As a result, modern chess strategies are crucial and useful when you reach higher levels. Also, take note that doubling the number of participants is one of the easier solutions to defeating a stronger adversary.

Enjoy these Pawnbarian Download Features

  • Hack and slash your way across monsters using a deck of chess
  • Plan your strategy well and dominate the board
  • Analyze every situation and carefully navigate through them
  • Earn rewards and spend them on extra powers for your cards
  • Take on a gauntlet level with your cards and see how long you can survive

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How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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