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About this Game

One of the many activities that we used to do as kids are coloring images. Did you know that you can also do that again with the help of an app? Well, that app is Pixel Art: Color by Number, a game made by Easybrain. It’s a sandbox coloring game where you will have to fill an image with the right colors. So for a tip, the entire image is broken down into smaller sections with a given  number.

You need to color each number with the right color to complete the image. It’s a relatively easy and fun game to play, and it certainly brings back many memories. Read further if you want a step-by-step guide of how to play Pixel Art: Color by Number.

How To Play Pixel Art: Color by Number

The game is simple and easy to play. You begin by just choosing which image you would like to fill with color. There will be many different images for you to choose from. Once you’ve chosen an idea, you will have several colors below the screen to fill the picture. Each color will be numbered, and you need to zoom in on the image to see the small squares with the numbers in them.

Moreover, you only need to fill the small boxes with colors using the appropriate numbered colors. Some tools can help you fill the numbers quickly, but you have to be careful in using them since they are one of a kind.

Another tool available in helping you locate numbers that you haven’t colored yet. But like the other tool, it’s also limited, so you need to be careful in using it. The goal is to color the entire image. You know you are finished when the color gets a checkmark.

Pixel Art: Color by Number is a great game to play, especially if you miss those coloring activities you did as a kid. But what will make this game even better to play is to play Pixel Art: Color by Number on PC. It’s great that you are at this webpage, as it will allow you to play this game without issue. But what else can you expect with Pixel Art: Color by Number? Let’s check out its features.

Pixel Art: Color by Number Features

    • Many different artworks for you to choose from and color!
    • New pictures are on the puzzle daily for more fun coloring.
    • Play through an easy and simple way to color the images.
    • Free to play and download on your devices.
    • Get a chance to use your picture and turn them into pixel art!

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