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Pokemon Café Mix – A Unique Pokemon Game to Enjoy

When you think of Pokemon games, you’re likely thinking of the action-packed battles and catching Pokemon. Well, this particular Pokemon game is a bit different. It’s titled Pokemon Café Mix, a casual puzzle game published by The Pokemon Company. The game still involves collecting Pokemon. But instead of using them for battle, you use them to help run and manage a café.

Let’s discuss in more detail the gameplay of this casual puzzle game.

Learn How to Run A Pokemon Café

You don’t have to worry about figuring out the gameplay of this puzzle game since there’s going to be a tutorial in the beginning. But even without it, you won’t have trouble learning how Pokemon Café works. You begin the game as a new owner of a café, which means you start from scratch. That means you need to create the food and drinks for your café. But don’t worry the tutorial will show you all that. You also won’t do this alone since a Pokemon will help you.

Creating foods or drinks involves playing puzzle games. And that puzzle game is a linking game. For this one, your goal is to complete the objective of the puzzle game. Generally, that will be done by eliminating a certain number of puzzle pieces, or in this case, the heads of different Pokemon, on the board. You can do that by linking similar Pokemon heads together.

It’s important to remember that your moves in solving the puzzle are limited, so make sure to use them wisely. If you run out of moves, then it’s game over. After you’ve completed the puzzle, you have successfully created the food or drink, and you can serve it to customers. Your customers will be Pokemon as well. So, don’t be surprised to see Pikachu, Charmander, and the others in your Pokemon Café.

You will earn a star if you provide the correct order to your customers. The star will fill the gauge of the Pokemon that entered your café. Once you fill up the gauge completely, that Pokemon will become your friend. Thus, they not only become your loyal customer, but they will also help you out in the café. That’s how you collect Pokemon here.

Exciting Features of the Fun Game

  • Different kinds of Pokemon to befriend
  • Expand and decorate your café to attract more customers
  • Play the linking puzzle to create your dish to serve to customers

Overall, this Pokemon café game is an entertaining game that you’ll definitely enjoy. If you’re looking for other puzzle games to play, try Jigsaw Puzzles Epic and Jewels Switch. They’re both fun games you’ll enjoy playing.

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pokémon café mix friends
pokémon café mix match
pokémon café mix munchlax
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