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About this Game

Owning a café with the most beloved Pokemon around? Yes, please. In Pokemon Café Mix, you are a proud owner of the only café exclusively for Pokemon. After all the battles and wandering through the world, even the most formidable Pokemon need some time out. And so, you provide that service. You get to serve them excellent dishes, custom-made drinks, and play games with them. The Pokemon Café Mix is now available to download for free on the PC. Get the game here on our page.

Serve Delicious Food

While you do not have a menu for humans, the Pokemon sure do have great taste when it comes to food. Tend to their needs like scrumptious sandwiches, sunny sides, and green vegetables and keep the Pokemon happy all the time! They’ll even come back for seconds if the food is delicious.

Custom Drinks to Create

You are also the barista of the shop. Design Pokemon-style foams and see how their faces light up when you serve them their drinks. You can do this through the in-game coffee-making design. It is quite a feature.

Play a Unique Puzzle Game

Mainly, Pokémon Café Mix focuses on the puzzle game mode. In this game, it goes beyond match 3. You will deal with a draw box filled with Pokemon faces. Here, you will connect the same faces in one strand and watch them pop with points. The more you collect them, you get to see them as visitors to your café. It is also an extraordinary kind of matching game because it is also not that hard to think of.

Cute Visuals Brought to You by The Pokemon Company

The signature design of The Pokemon Company can be seen throughout the entire game, from the designs to the choices of colors and architecture. Indeed, this café game brings an authentic Pokemon experience.

Gameplay Features:

    • Experience running your own cafe business
    • Recruit a friend in your cafe!
    • Get a chance to expand your cafe and earn more rewards!
    • Practice your skills in the game.
    • Free Play and Download

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