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pou take care of pou
pou play many games
pou personalize
pou go outside

Cat? Dog? What if your next virtual pet is a cute poop alien? Whether you have a kid or a kid-at-heart, then taking care of an amorphous creature like Pou would surely pique your attention. How do you take care of a pet whose form and characteristics are not of this planet? Become Pou’s parent by making sure it’s being fed, bathed, and entertained or else it will turn dirty and unhappy! Download the online Pou game now and check out our tips on how to take care of this adorable pet.

Learn how to master your responsibility by checking off everything on your list. Pou needs to eat, sleep, play, bathe, and many more! Can you do everything in one day? Dress up your Pou, customize its rooms, play mini-games, and experiment with potions at the lab. Raise it well like every parent should. At the end of the day, you’ll see the reward of your hard work, your Pou has grown with happiness in its eyes. Download and play Pou game and take care of your next virtual pet.


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Pou Game Features

If you’re looking for a casual and fun all around online game, Pou is the one for you. It’s like playing Tamagotchi except you will need to take care of an alien poop spawn. Yup, you read that right! Your pet is an alien poop. In this game, you can dress it and have fun with it all day. Why do kids love this pet simulator game so much? Check out the following features that make Pou stand out from the rest:

Dress It Up & Dress Good!

Show the other pet parents out there how it’s done! Dress up your Pou in the trendiest fashion. Put it on coats, dresses, suits, jerseys and many more. Do you want to dress it up like a panda or a superhero? You can do so too! Let it wear some exciting costumes for Christmas, Halloween, and Easter! The fun never ends because you can also put hats on its head, wigs, or headbands! Make it as alluring as you want to be. Spoiled Pou? Well then, spoil it!


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Customize Pou’s Looks

Customization has never been fun in a casual pet game. Why settle with normal looking pets when you can have a poop one who can switch body colors! When you’re feeling summery, choose yellow. When you’re feeling sad, choose blue. Feeling girly, switch it up to fuschia, pink, violet, rose and magenta. Choose from 24 different colors and experiment on Pou’s new looks! What about eyeliners, eyelashes and eye colors? You can customize them all too! Match everything with your current mood and outfit. Make your Pou as the most good-looking pet in Pou town until beauty gurus are winking with delight.


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Spruce Up Pou’s Rooms

Make its home comfortable by sprucing up its rooms. Don’t settle with the boring decor and plain wallpapers! Take it up a notch and transform the rooms using unlockable lovely patterns and seasonal decors. You can also design the exterior of the houses such as the roof, doors, and windows! Bring out the Philippe Starck in you and make Pou’s rooms the loveliest of all!


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Play 30+ So Your Pou Can Have Fun!

Your alien pet needs fun and so do you. Play 30+ enjoyable minigames where you can earn coins for your pet’s necessities. If you’ve played Bust-a-Move, Jump and Hill Climb, then you’d surely enjoy the rip-off mini-games. Test your memory with Pou Sounds, Find Pou and Memory. Unleash the sporty you in Pool. Beach Volley. Hoops, Goal and Cliff Dash. Solve the puzzle in Sad Tap, Color Match, Connect 2 and Sudoku. Your fun never ends with these minigames that you can play anytime! If you are looking for more tips on how to play Pou, read on below.


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Let Your Pou Mimic You!

One of the best features that kids love so much is the voice recognition and mimicking. Your pet can parrot what you say! Just go to the Hall, tap the microphone and say what you want. Your pet will then repeat what you said in its super cute voice. It’s like training a real pet! Download the online Pou game today and start raising your own pet.

Pou Tips & Tricks

Pou might be a casual online game but a good amount of TLC is what’s going to keep it happy. All you need to remember is to attend to its basic needs. Feed it, give it a bath, and even change its clothes. Doing so diligently will earn you coins to get more food and clothes. Here are more tips and tricks for you to learn on Pou:

Don’t Forget The Basic Needs

We sometimes get caught up with decorating and dressing up that we forget Pou’s basic needs. This cute little alien needs basic necessities like all of us do. So, don’t forget to feed it nutritious foods, bathe it and tuck it in bed. Always check its status and keep them all full.

Earn Coins

You need coins to buy what your virtual pet needs. Where else would you earn it? The mini-games! There are over 30 games you can play anytime. Aside from increasing your alien pet’s fun meter, you’d also earn coins you can use for unlocking/buying foods, potions, outfits, and room wallpaper!

No Time To Play, Potion Is On The Way!

Taking care of a virtual pet is a lot of work. Thankfully, tending to your pet is made easier with potions. Restore Pou’s stats up to 25 or 50% by purchasing different potions in the lab.

Take Pou Outside

Pou needs the sun too! Take him out from time to time so he can enjoy different landscapes and scenes. Unlock the Beach, Snow, Halloween, and Christmas and allow your virtual pet to have the time of its life outside the four corners of its room.

Ready to play Pou and show your tender loving care to this one of kind pet like no other? Download Pou now on your PC for free! We have more fun casual games here at Games.lol that will let you show your TLC to your special pets such as My Talking Tom or PetHotel – My Animal Pension.




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