Power Girls Super City
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Power Girls Super City - Make Super City a Better Place

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power girls super download full version
power girls super download free
power girls super download PC
power girls super download PC free
power girls super download full version
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Not all superheroes wear capes and destroy their enemies. Some superheroes are creative just like the heroes of Power Girls Super City. This simulation game enables you to bring order to a messed-up city in your own way. Try out this fantastic game to know more about it.

Meet the Power Girls

Power Girls Super City is a fun-filled simulation game published by tutoTOONS. This game takes you into a colorful city that needs fixing.

In this city, you will assist the 3 power girls that share your passion for making the city a better place. The first hero in the list is Blaze who can control fire. The second is Moana who has the superpower to control water.

The third is Flora whose gift is manipulating the forces of nature. Each of them is great in its own way and you can increase that capacity by helping them.

Your role in the game is simple, and it involves completing any task that makes the city better. It could be cleaning the building to reconnect the lost citizens to their loved ones.

But these are just in addition to the tasks that you are about to do. Play the game to get a better understanding of the immersive features this game has to offer.

Save the City From Monsters

Power Girls Super City offers you an immersive gameplay experience. The game allows you to simulate your tasks in making the city clean and safe. Each task enables you to enter a minigame that you are about to play.

This includes an activity to either make the city clean or to help the citizens. If you are a new player who wants teammates, you should worry. The game allows you to get help from the 3 sidekicks who are eager to make your task easy.

They are Sparky, Daisy, and Misty, and each of them represents a power girl. Apart from the tasks mentioned, you need to save the city from the monsters.

These monsters cause disorder around the city by spreading their dirt. They are River Monster, Ice Monster, Trash Monster, and Fire Monster.

Having them in the city is a problem because they represent disorder. Save the city by cleaning the blocked rivers, cleaning up the litter, and preventing the fire.

You can customize your heroes to make them more appealing as a hero. Choose the right outfit for each of them to look elegant.

Key Game Features You Should Try

  • Control the three heroes to bring order to the city
  • Seek help from the sidekicks who are eager to help
  • Save the city from the monsters that give disorder
  • Customize the heroes to make them look elegant
  • Fun-filled and easy-to-play game

It is time to play Power Girls Super City to experience the fun. If you are looking for more simulation games to download, find them here in Games.lol. Check out also Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World and My Town – Build a City Life.




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Minimum System Requirements

You can install Games.lol on any PC that meets the following requirements:

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OpenGL 2.0+ support

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