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Red Ball 4

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About this Game

Bounce to a challenging world of spherical, platforming fun with Red Ball 4. It’s a play for free platform game that bears similarities with the old school mobile game Bounce. Roll your way through different levels, each with its own unique design, and puzzles to solve. It features simple, yet beautifully-designed graphics, as well as catchy background music. It’s a game that’ll keep you occupied for hours, and it’s fun for the whole family!


Save the World from the Evil Square Minions

You live in a peaceful world of balls, and while you’re enjoying your round share of peace, the evil square minions invaded. They are determined to turn you, and your round friends into a dull, old square. Your job is to journey through different parts of the world and confront the Evil Square Boss in an attempt to keep your world round, fun, and happy.


Bounce Your Way Through Fun, and Challenging Levels

Your journey through the spherical lands of Red Ball 4 has you progressing through 75 unique levels, each with its own set of challenges. You will encounter perilous traps that’ll stop your smooth sailing towards your goal. You will face many enemies bent on turning you into a square, and you will solve challenging puzzles that’ll test your determination to save the world.

The game also implicated realistic, yet exciting physics elements as you move various objects, jump to certain platforms to solve the puzzles. You can almost feel the weight of the objects you push as you try to figure out the mind-boggling puzzles. Your ability to solve them, and maximize on the physics-based gameplay will get you one step closer into your epic battle with the boss.


Engage in Tough, and Epic Boss Battles

This is not a mere platform puzzle game. It’s a unique adventure in a quest to protect your world before it turns into a square. Red Ball 4 is one of the rare mobile platform games that takes inspiration from the old school Super Mario Bros. for the SNES and combines story elements with engaging platform and puzzle gaming. In this game, you will encounter epic bosses that you’ll have to fight your way through to continue your adventure. Each boss is unique and gets tougher the further you explore. If you think you have what it takes to save the world of balls, then hop on to your iOS and Android store, and download Red Ball 4 free! You can even play it on PC!


How to Start Your Red Ball 4 Adventure on your PC Screen

Your roundabout journey shouldn’t be limited to your mobile phone screen. So here’s a quick three-step procedure on how to download, and play Red Ball4 on your PC completely free!

Step 1: Visit the Games.LOL, by typing it on the URL, or go directly to the game’s page by hitting this link. Once you’re on the page, hit the “Play Now Button.

Step 2: It’ll then download the executable file. Click that file to install the Games.LOL client.

Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions, and wait for the downloads to finish. Once the download and installations are done, the client will pop up, and you’ll see your game at the “My Games” tab. It’ll also automatically start the game once it’s finished downloading for the first time.

Surely, you are teeming with excitement to get your free game download. Go ahead and download more arcade games such as Pet Rescue Saga and Helix Jump.

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