Shopping Mall 3D
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Shopping Mall 3D - Grow & Evolve the Ultimate Shopping Mall

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Welcome to the world of Shopping Mall 3D brought to you by BREW GAMES! In this captivating simulation game, you have the opportunity to bring your vision of the ultimate shopping mall to life. Your journey begins with an empty space, ready to be transformed into a bustling retail paradise.

Master Strategy and Management in Shopping Mall Games 3D

Through careful planning and strategic decision-making, you’ll embark on a mission to construct and expand a variety of establishments, including restaurants, groceries, and a plethora of diverse stores. As the mastermind behind your mall’s growth, your responsibilities encompass more than just construction; you must cater to the needs of a demanding customer base, ensuring their satisfaction while also boosting your profits.

Your managerial prowess will be put to the test as you navigate the intricate dynamics of the retail world. From selecting the right mix of stores to optimizing their layouts, every detail matters in your pursuit of becoming the preeminent shopping mall owner in the city. Along the way, you’ll earn revenue, which can be reinvested to add new stores and enhance existing ones. Hiring and managing a dedicated workforce is crucial for the smooth operation of your mall; diligent employees contribute to an efficient shopping experience and keep the cash registers ringing.

Immersive Shopper Dynamics & Strategic Challenges

Shopping Mall 3D doesn’t just focus on the business side – it also immerses you in a vibrant and interactive environment. Roaming shoppers, each with their own preferences and desires, provide a realistic touch that shapes your decisions. Your choices impact customer satisfaction and their spending habits, ultimately affecting your mall’s reputation and financial success. The game’s 3D graphics and attention to detail bring your shopping mall to life, capturing the hustle and bustle of a real shopping center.

As you rise through the ranks of shopping mall ownership, you’ll face increasingly challenging scenarios and competitors vying for dominance. But the game encourages creativity and adaptability, allowing you to experiment with various store combinations and layouts to find the perfect formula for success. So with each expansion and renovation, you inch closer to your dream of owning the most spectacular shopping mall in town.

3D Shopping Mall Game Features

  • Build and customize your dream shopping mall
  • Construct restaurants, groceries, and various stores
  • Serve customers, earn money, and hire workers
  • Strive to become the biggest mall owner in town
  • Manage layouts and store combinations for success
  • Interact with realistic shoppers with unique preferences
  • Experience immersive 3D graphics and detailed environments
  • Face challenges and competition as you expand
  • Balance creativity, strategy, and management skills

Embark on a retail empire-building journey like never before! So dive into the captivating world of Shopping Mall 3D and unleash your inner mall tycoon. Construct, customize, and conquer as you strive to create the ultimate shopping paradise. Experience the thrill of managing your own mall, serving customers, and outsmarting competitors. Ready to rise to the challenge? Then play Shopping Mall 3D now on PC and discover more casual gaming gems like Shopping Mall Cashier Girl Cash Register Games and Farm Town: Happy Village Near Small City & Town on




How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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