Smashy Road: Wanted
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Bearbit Studios B.V.

Smashy Road: Wanted is the Ultimate PC Racing Game

If you want both the thrill of speed and adrenaline, then Smashy Road: Wanted is the game for you! Created by Bearbit Studios, you commandeer a vehicle and do your darndest to get away from the cops who want to take you down! You’ll have to make the most out of the terrain to get more distance between you and the law enforcers as long as you can.

Pick the Perfect Escape Vehicle

The main objective in Smashy Road: Wanted is to evade capture from the Police. To do this, you’ll need the perfect car for your daring escape. Luckily, the game provides you with tons of different getaway rides – from pick up trucks, sports cars, muscle cars, to more outlandish ones like quad bikes, tanks, and hovercrafts!

Each car handles differently from one another. For example, the pickup truck has moderate handling and good overall durability. This makes it a good starting car for you to get accustomed to the game’s physics. There are over 90 cars to unlock, and as you acquire more cars, you get to feel the difference between them. You will have to figure out what vehicle fits your driving preferences and use that for your playthroughs.

The Map Changes in Every Getaway Run

Each time you play a game, the map changes. That’s because the developers have procedurally designed maps which means no getaway run feels the same. Your first run might happen in a busy city, then your second run might see you running from the law on a deserted route. You’ll have to be quick on your feet every time you rev up your engine. So what are you waiting for? Make your getaway by playing Smashy Road: Wanted Online now!

Smashy Road: Wanted Game Features

  • Action-packed driving game
  • Procedurally generated maps
  • Unlock over 90 vehicles
  • Free-to-play

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Smashy Road Wanted Rail Road
Smashy Road Wanted Police Chase
Smashy Road Wanted desert
Smashy Road Wanted Battle
Smashy Road Wanted Rail Road
Smashy Road Wanted Police Chase
Smashy Road Wanted desert
Smashy Road Wanted Battle




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