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Space Squad: Galaxy Attack


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About this Game


If you love vertical shooting games and if you are looking for a new challenging game, then Space Squad: Galaxy Attack free PC download from Onesoft is a game you shouldn’t miss. Experience an action-packed and fast-paced action game free of charge. Immerse yourself in a variety of levels and game modes populated with a huge collection of enemies and contraptions. Get into more action games like Smash Hit and Fastlane: Road to Revenge on PC.


Diverse Collection of Ships

Space Squad: Galaxy Attack free PC game download features a decent collection of diverse ships that you can unlock over time. Each ship comes with its own unique set of firepower that ranges from rapid fire to burst. Not to mention the huge collection of support that also comes with an upgrade option! Also, ships come with upgradable weapon and armor devices, all of which combine to create the perfect flying war machine.


Multiple Game Modes

Space Squad: Galaxy Attack also features a variety of game modes that the player can exploit. Players can choose to go through the various levels of the main campaign or go against other players in PVP mode. Compete and show off your skills in “War Zone” and test your toughness in the game’s endless mode. Do take note that each of these modes comes with a decent amount of rewards that will definitely make your effort worthwhile.


Exhilarating Boss Fights

To balance out the powerful ships, Space Squad: Galaxy Attack features a wide collection of bosses scattered throughout the game. Each boss comes complete with their own arsenal of powerful weapons and armor bringing a new meaning to the word challenge. Defeating a boss will not only reward players with precious loots, but will also give them the opportunity to confront them through the “boss” option on the main menu screen. Try out Space Squad: Galaxy Attack of today by clicking on the download button on your screen.

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