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Kill Hordes of Stupid Zombies 3 In Every Building, Nook & Cranny!

The undead has risen once again, but as usual, they are not the brightest bulb in the bunch! Kill every zombie in the way on Stupid Zombies 3 and be a hero in your city. Stay alert and be on the move to catch zombies inside buildings and crevices. If they are hard to reach, don’t worry. Just apply some mad geometry to blast them off your way.

You are smarter than these zombies. Even when they are in high places, you can kick a crate, wheel, barrel or bucket to crush them in place. Perfect your aim and kill multiple zombies with one shot to get combos and more points in Stupid Zombies 3!


Choose From Many High-Powered Weapons and Enjoy Hundreds of Level!

Stupid Zombies 3 gives you an array of high-powered and destructive weapons for killing zombies. You can use a trusty shotgun, a fiery flare gun, an RPG launcher, and a baseball bomber!

You don’t have to exhaust all your bullets to kill multiple zombies, you can just aim at a barrel, crate, wheel, or any other thing that can eventually reach and crush zombies at any corner. Enjoy over 200 levels of zombie action. Download and play Stupid Zombies 3 free PC game today! For more zombie games, check out Last Day on Earth: Survival or Mad Zombies : Offline Zombie Games.

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