Temple Horse Ride- Fun Running Game
Temple Horse Ride download free pc Temple Horse Ride free full version
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Download Temple Horse Ride Running Game - Get The Diamond & Escape

Temple Horse Ride download free
Temple Horse Ride download PC
Temple Horse Ride PC free 1
Temple Horse Ride download full version
Temple Horse Ride download free
Temple Horse Ride download PC
Temple Horse Ride PC free 1
Temple Horse Ride download full version

Temple Horse Ride – Fun Running Game revolves around your character who needs to save a city. As the protagonist, you were able to retrieve a diamond but upon escape, a ghost monster awakened and chased you. Since this is an endless running game, you will be chased by this ghost monster until it can catch up to you.

How To Play Temple Horse Ride

You must run as far as you can while acquiring as many gems as possible. These gems can be used to purchase costumes, horses, and more importantly, upgrades and power-ups that will help you evade the ghost monster. You will start the game by running out a door and you must weave through the path to hit gems and acquire them.

The challenge appears when there are obstacles you need to avoid. Once you hit any of them, you will fall off your horse and the ghost monster will get down and hit you with its hammer. There are hurdles along the path that you need to jump on. There are also obstacles that you can avoid by only moving left or right.

Gather Power-Ups For Endless Temple Horse Run

The game includes some power-ups to help prolong your run. You can acquire them when they show up randomly in your path. One of these power-ups is Magnetism, which is focused on helping you acquire as many diamonds as you can during a certain period of time.

While running along the path, you do not have to move around to get the gems as this power-up will automatically acquire all diamonds as you pass by them. Like all power-ups, this can be upgraded in the shop to prolong its duration.

Another power-up is Speed, which boosts the speed of your horse. With this power-up, you and your horse can just run past any obstacle. The duration can be upgraded in the shop as well. For the Shield power-up, you will be protected from hitting any obstacles until the timer duration ends. This has some similarity to the Speed power-up, only without the extra speed. Just like other power-ups, you can upgrade its duration in the Shop.

Temple Horse Ride: Game Features

  • Challenging gameplay that gets more fun each time
  • Unique boosts and jewels to help you survive the game
  • Avoid running into creepy obstacles such as rocks and skeletons

To survive as long as you can, you must be attentive to the obstacles that you will be running into. Be quick to react, but always watch out for gems. Have fun evading that monster and challenge yourself by improving your highest recorded distance in Temple Horse! And if you’re looking to play more action games like this, check out Crossy Road or Subway Princess as well.




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