The Way Home: Pixel Roguelike
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The Way Home Pixel Roguelike - A Charming & Chilling Action Game

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Are you easily amazed by pixel art games and cute little cats? If yes, then you will love this new pixel roguelike action game. In February 2021, The Way Home: Pixel Roguelike was published by Concode Studio with inspiration from the developer’s lovely cat as the main character.

The adventure begins as Cheese—the cat, and his owner named Kevin, unfortunately, got lost on their way home and got trapped on a strange island. Your job is to join the two lovely characters as they roam around the island and encounter 80 creepy monsters. Help Kevin and Cheese find their way home!

Entertaining The Way Home Pixel Roguelike Combat Game with Adorable Characters

The Way Home Pixel Roguelike is a fun-filled action game with a classical pixel art style and a beautiful storyline. It is also equipped with high-paced gameplay and lovely main characters. Aside from its cuteness, the game is filled with terrifying dungeons to give each player the best combat gameplay experience.

As you progress through the game, new biomes will unlock, and a variety of challenges will come your way. Each dungeon comes with complex challenges and obstacles. So, you have to unlock more weapons and enhance your mobs and skills to defeat all enemies, including the boss.

Although the game is a little repetitive, this cute action game will not give you any dull moments as you play. The surest thing you will get is the thrilling yet charming vibes to free you from a stressful day.

Help Kevin & Cheese Escape the Island

Since Kevin & Cheese are trapped on a strange island, your only goal is to help them find their way home. But the problem is that the island is not the usual island with summer sunshine and coconut trees. It is instead full of dark dungeons and biomes, with 80 terrifying monsters creeping on it. The only way to escape is to unlock all the dungeons and defeat the enemies and bosses.

Aside from the thrilling combats, The Way Home Pixel Roguelike also lets you construct buildings and systems on the island. So, make sure to collect a lot of rare resources as you run across different dungeons to build your facilities. As you upgrade your buildings, you can access newer features and weapons, giving you more in-depth and creative gameplay.

The Way Home Pixel Roguelike Game Features that Await You

  • A cute classical pixel art style with a horrifying roguelike action game
  • Well generated maps
  • Many biome-diverse dungeons to explore
  • 15 or more skills to combine strategically in every battle
  • Plenty of weapons to choose from with unique combat styles that suit the character’s available skills
  • Smooth control mechanisms that improve players’ fighting styles and creativity
  • Build an ideal island from the rare materials collected in the dungeon
  • Unlock new features and content to enjoy the gameplay

Will you be able to send home the lovely duo? Download and play The Way Home: Pixel Roguelike on your PC today. If you want to play more RPG action games with pixel-art graphics, feel free to download Dungeon Crusher: Soul Hunters and Cat Bird. Always visit for more fun and exciting games!




How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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