Tile Master – Classic Match
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Tile Master Game - Play Board Puzzle Game for Free

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tile master download PC
tile master download free
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Are you a fan of match-3 games? These types of games might sound so simple but they can also be very challenging. No wonder why many casual gamers end up getting hooked as soon as they try playing one. If you are looking for a match-3 game that can give your brain a little workout, then you came to the right place. You can now play Tile Master – Classic Match on PC.

A Classic Match-3 Puzzle Game with a Touch of Mahjong

Tile Master – Classic Match is a classic match-3 puzzle game developed and published by Higgs Studio. However, this game gives the classic match-3 game mechanics a new twist. This one incorporates the tile-matching gameplay of a classic Asian game called Mahjong.

Aside from the mahjong tiles, Tile Master also features more than 30 unique tile symbols that you can play with. You’ll be matching fruits, vegetables, flowers, animals, insects, and other various shapes. It also allows you to play with more than 20 stylish themes that you will surely love. You can unlock these themes by finishing each chapter.

Tile Master – Classic Match Mechanics

Just as with the classic Asian game, you will be using tiles almost similar to that of Mahjong when playing Tile Master. You will begin the round with a stack of tile symbols laid out in front of you. Your goal is to clear the tiles by matching the symbols. However, unlike other match-3 games that allow you to match 3 or more tiles with the same symbol, this game lets you match only 3 tiles at a time. No more, no less.

Moreover, this game adds even another twist. As mentioned before, the tiles are laid out with most tiles stacked on top of each other. As such, you can’t touch the tiles at the bottom without taking out the tiles placed at the top. This is the challenge to the game.

The good news is that it also allows you to use boosters to help you clear a round. These are the undo, tips, and refresh options. Undo allows you to reverse your last move. Tips give you a clue of what the best possible move is. Refresh prompts the game to scramble and rearrange the tiles if you feel that the tile layout is very complicated. Collect and save these boosters because you may need them when the going gets tough.

Board Game Features

  • A match-3 game with a unique Mahjong twist
  • A casual and relaxing game that can be very challenging at the same time
  • More than 30 unique tiles that you can match – fruits, cakes, animals, things, and various symbols
  • Finish each chapter to unlock more than 20 stylish themes and skins – mountains, sunset, and more
  • Thousands of unique possible tile layouts that are sure to challenge your brain

Tile Master may seem too simple and casual, but it sure is very challenging once you get to the higher levels. If you are looking for a match-3 puzzle game that can tickle your brain cells, then you might want to try this game.

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