Troll Face Quest: Video Memes – Brain Game Download Free PC Games on Gameslol
Troll Face Quest: Video Memes – Brain Game Best PC Games

Troll Face Quest: Video Memes – Brain Game

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Troll Face Quest: Video Memes – Brain Game Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Free Troll Face Quest: Video Memes – Brain Game | PC Download

Do u even meme bro? If you do, then download this game and it will take you back in time when memes weren’t dank yet. Play this meme-filled puzzle game that mixes in horrible puns, old captioned memes, and lots of upper and bottom texts. Even in the current you, this game brings a sense of nostalgia back when mee-mays weren’t deep-fried, oversaturated and poorly edited. Do we love memes back then? It’s hard to say since memes are complex structures of clever writing and dense humor that nobody can ever understand why. But alas, the Troll Face Quest video memes features a full-length desktop free PC puzzle game download in order to solve…well…look, it’s a troll game; expect non-sense.


No Non-Sense Puzzle Gameplay of Troll Face Quest Video Memes – Brain Game

One thing you should note: the puzzle designs here are superb. You’d think the developers were trolling but this is one of the most well-made casual puzzle games ever made. Thankfully, we can play it now on PC for free.


Re-Visit the Memes of Yesteryears 

Keyboard cat, Nyan cat, insanity wolf, good guy Greg, scumbag Steve, overly manly man, and heaps of rage faces show up here. If you ever feel like going down memery lane from 2009 to 2013, Troll Face Quest: Video Memes – Brain Game got you. Get more puzzle games such as QuizUp and Shatterbrain – Physics Puzzles.

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