Ultimate Robot Fighting
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Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited

Ultimate Robot Fighting PC - A Battle Mastery of Mechanical Monsters

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ultimate robot download free
ultimate robot download PC free
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If you are fond of playing robots during your childhood days and wish to experience how these robots fight, then playing the Ultimate Robot Fighting game is right for you. This sports action genre depicts a straightforward 3v3 fighting game that sets your team of sentient robots against other robots.

Published by Reliance Big Entertainment, Ultimate Robot Fighting online lets players work through various robot fighters, build an epic roster of destructive robots, set them for the battle, and aim for glory.

Set Your Team for Battle in the Ultimate Robot Fighting Online

As mentioned above, Ultimate Robot Fighting is a 2D battle game that works with a 3v3 combat system. In creating your strong team, you get to choose from 45 unique robots. These robots are stimulated like gods, fire-breathing dragons, gladiators, samurais, ninjas, weapon arsenals, and more.

Once you’ve already positioned your team, you can start the turn-based combat. To activate an attack, you need to wait for your special bar to be full. Once it is already filled up, you can click right away and throw your devastating blow. That will impose more pain on your enemies.

As you are working with three robots, you can maximize their abilities by clicking on their images on the left side of your screen. So, you better plan first the set of your robots before getting into the battle and choose those who will lead you to victory.

Unlocking & Upgrading Your Robots

Keep in mind that if you’re playing Ultimate Robot Fighting online for the first time, you only get limited available robots. However, you can unlock more robots as you progress with your fights. Additionally, you can upgrade these robots, making them stronger by having robot power cards and overclocks.

In addition to cards, you can also boost your robot’s stats and fighting ability by using gold. The premium currency of the Ultimate Robot Fighting game is gold. You can access this in-game currency through the in-app store or earn it as a reward in completing quests.

If you want to win your battles, you need to start focusing on your defense, blocking your enemies’ attacks, and waiting for the right time to blow your assaults. It is more recommended to build a potent combo to be more efficient in-game. Don’t forget to use your special attacks repeatedly as possible.

Exciting Features of the Ultimate Robot Fighting Game

  • Interesting 3v3 turn-based combat
  • Excellent cell-shaded artwork and console inspired graphics
  • Create your team from 45 available sentient robots
  • Improve your battles by upgrading your battle machines
  • Boost up your robots with power cards and overclocks

Get thrilled and amazed with the outstanding gameplay of Ultimate Robot Fighting on PC. You can extend the fun and excitement for more sports games by checking out other games like Online Soccer Manager and Archery Black right on your PC.




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