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Virtual Villagers Origins 2

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Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Download Virtual Villagers Origins 2 | Virtual Villagers Online Game for PC

Have you ever played Tamagotchi and wished that instead of grooming a pet, you are taking care of a bunch of people whose survival depends on you? If you have, Virtual Villagers Origins 2 is the game for you. Download Virtual Villagers Origins 2 to your PC for free! Featuring a real-time simulation mechanics packed with hardcore crafting and permanent character death, the game will lure you to an adventure you never knew you wanted.


Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Gameplay

The game resembles the classic Tamagotchi in the sense that your villagers can die permanently. They will age in real time and will DIE if left to fend on their own. Sounds intimidating, right? Nope! The good news is, you can train your villagers to become self-sufficient. Surely, this is more exciting than pampering a 4-bit dinosaur cat who needs even more pampering as it ages.

In Virtual Villagers Origins 2, you have to micromanage your people in order to assign them to tasks like collecting foodstuff and researching. In the process, the skills related to their tasks will grow.  The higher their skills are, the more autonomy they have. This means that if their skills are high enough, they won’t stop gathering even if you log out of the game. Of course, your villagers will continuously consume resources even if you are logged out.

Once you have a sufficient number of skillful villagers, your village will run smoothly without your intervention. They will automatically gather resources, research, and heal other villagers. You can even order them to craft items and return later to reap your reward.

Ultimately, Virtual Villagers Origins 2 will make you feel as if you are taking care of an actual village. The survival of these virtual people relies on you. There is even a mausoleum to remind you of your villagers who perished. Though the game is not trying to make you guilty of forgetting those people to death, this system will surely make you feel attached to your villagers. Just go and get your free Virtual Villagers Origins 2 and feel responsible for the prosperity (or death) of the virtual masses!

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