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Void Tyrant – Build a Strong Deck & Battle with Enemies

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Try to reclaim the Eye of Chronos in the Void Tyrant and restore order to the world. It’s a casual card action game where you will journey across the galaxy and battle various aliens. But instead of the typical battles you usually do, you will do card battles instead. The game features a card-based combat system, which also means it’s not the typical card game. We will talk more about all of this when we discuss the Void Tyrant gameplay in more detail.

Go on an Adventure & Battle Aliens in Void Tyrant

Your ultimate goal in Void Tyrant is to reclaim the Eye of Chronos and restore order. So you need to go on an adventure across the galaxy to try and reclaim the Chronos. But your journey won’t be an easy one since you will encounter lots of different and hostile aliens along the way. You must battle and defeat them through card-based combat.

The game features a card-based combat system, which means you will attack through your cards. You and your enemy will bring down cards on the field, and who gets to attack and how many time depends on the cards. Just like any card game, Void Tyrant also features deck building. You will have to create a deck that will help you get past the numerous enemies you’ll encounter along the way. The game also features building your ship and town, which provides added boosts during battle.

Creating a Powerful Deck for Battle in Void Tyrant Online

Battling enemies is the main thing you’ll do in Void Tyrant. You’ll encounter plenty of alien enemies on your journey, so you need to be ready to take them on at any time. The battle system here is unique as you and your opponent will bring down cards during the battle. You’ll also take turns putting down a card, and the card will have a number written on them with 6 being the highest and 1 being the lowest. It’s like playing Black Jack or Lucky 9.

The cards you put down are added, and the goal is to reach a score of 12, or something very close. A tutorial is also provided early on, so pay attention. The deck building in the game comes in the form of special cards. You can use these special cards during the battle. It can provide you with bonuses or effects, which can help you maximize your performance in the battle. The deck you’ll build will depend on the class of the character you choose. But be reminded that these cards use energy, and it’s limited during battle. So, make sure to use it wisely.

Available Game Features

  • 4 unique and powerful character classes to choose from
  • Acquire blueprints to upgrade your ship
  • Upgrade your town for added power boosts
  • Obtain powerful artifacts to make your character stronger
  • Many different challenges await

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