Wanted Fish
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Wanted Fish Game - Catch Those Fish in this Relaxing Spearfishing Game

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wanted fish pc download
wanted fish gameplay on pc
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If you’re looking for a relaxing game that you can play for free on your PC, then say hello to the Wanted Fish casual spearfishing game. Enjoy hours filled with highly addicting and rewarding gameplay straight from your PC. Furthermore, choose from a plethora of fishes, aim your spear, and cash in. Become a master of spearfishing by checking out this game today!

Fish your Heart Out!

Wanted Fish is an endless arcade game, which means that the goal of the game isn’t to beat all the levels, but to score as many points as you can before you fail. Some people call endless games “endless runners” because they’re a genre of arcade games where the character is constantly running from left to right on an infinitely long track. Wanted Fish is a modest and straightforward game, with a visual style that is both cute and colorful. Visually, this game is reminiscent of the classic N64 games. From the water’s rendition to the physics, everything in this game is as good as it gets.

Sound-wise, the game has an extremely relaxing soundtrack. The music makes you want to play more of this game. Apart from that, the animation in this game is great too! The controls for swimming around are very smooth and intuitive as well. Moreover, the game also allows players to use their catch as bait to lure in other fishes. Since the game is endless, you will keep competing against yourself and try to beat your own high score.

It’s a Great Day for Spearfishing

Wanted Fish starts you off with a simple boat, fishing rod, and baits. As you progress in the game, you can earn points to buy upgrades for your boat and fishing gear. The different types of fish are loaded with different values, and you must look down into the water through a small window on your boat so as to find them. What’s more fascinating in this game is that you must use bait that matches the color of the fish if you want to catch them successfully!
All you need to do in this casual game is to aim and shoot using your speargun to collect fish. The game’s simplicity means there isn’t much to learn before you start playing, but the more you play, the better you’ll get. Ultimately, the best part is that you can play this game for as little or long as you want! So start playing now!

Wanted Fish Casual Game Features

  • Straightforward casual spearfishing gameplay
  • Hundreds of fish to choose from
  • Upgrade your fishing gears and boat
  • Fish book to keep track of the fishes you caught

If you love relaxing casual games, you’re in luck because you’ll find a lot here in Games.lol. However, if you prefer fishing games, you might like Tides: A Fishing Game from Shallot Games and Monster Fishing from Nexelon Inc.




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Minimum System Requirements

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