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Wordscapes Difficult Level
Wordscapes Free Word Game Season
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Wordscapes Wordscapes Level Custom
Wordscapes Difficult Level
Wordscapes Free Word Game Season
Wordscapes Simple Level
Wordscapes Word Game Bar
Wordscapes Wordscapes Level Custom

If you are a fan of puzzle word games, then you are in luck as you can now play the world-renowned Wordscapes. Enjoy hours of pure word puzzle fun with your friends and enhance your vocabulary altogether at the comfort of your PC. Take on a plethora of challenges and participate in competitions and become the best word puzzle player in your circle.

Wordscapes is a free casual word puzzle game developed and published by Peoplefun in 2017. For those new to the title, Wordscapes is a combination of elements from word puzzles and crossword puzzles in one complete package. The word “scapes” in the title pertains to the relaxing landscapes that serve as the background of the game.

Solve Word Puzzles In Scenic Themes

The game also comes with a unique level-naming system inspired by seasons, landscapes, and other relaxing elements found in nature. On top of the challenging puzzles, the game also features weekly competitions and team battles that allow you to compete with other players with your friends. Moreover, the game features basic casual game elements like daily rewards, daily puzzles, avatar crowns, and other collectibles. In terms of ranking, Wordscapes also comes with world and country leaderboards that automatically display your rank the moment you click on the tab.

How To Play Wordscapes Online

Wordscapes takes you straight to the tutorial level the moment you open the game. The real challenge begins after the tutorial phase. Another thing that makes Wordscapes unique from other word puzzles is that the difficulty level escalates smoothly. This means that the game will slowly increase the number of letters in order to not overwhelm the player.

The game also comes with various power-ups in the form of hints. Hints are activated by the stars you collect on each level. With that said, hints are expensive, which is why you must only use them if necessary. If for some reason you get stuck on a specific level, you can take a 15-minute break, since taking short breaks will help you regain your focus and will eventually help you solve the puzzle.

You might think that coming up with new words with three letters is fun but that’s not how Wordscapes online game works. You will start off easy, but more difficult words pop up as you advance on every level. The puzzles are grouped into sections where players can scramble letters presented to them. Swipe those letters repeatedly as you guess words correctly. While the game is easy to figure out, it is not the easiest to win. So, better keep your mind sharp!

Game Features

  • Thousands of challenging puzzles to explore
  • Hundreds of relaxing themes to unlock
  • Local and global leaderboards
  • Weekly team and solo competitions

Put on your thinking cap and prepare your frontal lobe for a lot of thinking job as the creator of Wordscapes prepared thousands of puzzles for you to solve. If you are a fan of crossword or word anagram games, you will love the game. Your thinking power will be put to the test as you find out Wordscapes answers daily with the overwhelming number of levels you have to finish. And for more puzzle games, check out Word Connect – Word Cookies : Word Search or WordWhizzle Search as well!




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