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About this Game

Ever wanted to play a game where you get full control of your restaurant and cook the best food around the world? You should definitely play World Chef game which is out now on PC and free to download here! Whether you prefer hamburgers, fried chicken and fries or dim sum, fried rice and miso soup, World Chef covers the best cuisines from known nations. So, who’s the best chef in the world? You are!


International Cooking

You can choose to focus on just one type of cuisine or go all out with worldwide food. Whatever your choice, the customers will love it! Work with the best chefs to bring the most authentic meals to the tables and hire your own front of the house including receptionists, bartenders, sommeliers, and maitre d’hotel. On a side note, the game focuses more on simulation and building-type gameplay rather than time management. There’s no closing time or angry customers here. Honestly, it’s like a restaurant made from heaven!


Upgrade and Customize in World Chef

Choose your own customized tables and chairs, pick the color of the floor and walls, and enhance your equipment to make better food and faster service! Additionally, you can expand your restaurant space, rename your place, and add more glace. You could have the best chef knife in the world or the fanciest stove in the region. Download more casual games such as Bad Piggies HD and Airport City.

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