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About this Game


Soccer is fun and all, but the complexity of the sport can be too much if you just want a relaxing PC game. Specifically, you may want to just attempt field goals without the struggle for ball control and all the other shenanigans you don’t love. This is where the World Cup Penalty Shootout PC comes in.

Moreover, this exciting ball game leaves all the complexities of soccer behind and presents you with the most satisfying bit – Penalty Shootout! Hence, it is a great way to give yourself a quick soccer fix.

The game features everything you will expect from a penalty shootout game including walls and challenging goalkeepers. Moreover, it pits you against the entire world with its leaderboards! There are too many features to include in a short introduction, so just read on to find out more!


World Cup Penalty Shootout Game PS2 Era Graphics

Surely, the World Cup Penalty Shootout PC is meant to give you an instant soccer experience. Thus, you only have to download a couple of MBs to enjoy the game!

Undoubtedly, the small download size of the game does not necessarily mean that it has crappy graphics. Although the graphics are not the best around, it is immersive enough to remind you of the PS2 era!


Multiple Modes of Play

Truly, the rules of penalty shootout may be straightforward, but World Cup Penalty Shootout PC managed to throw a couple of extra modes in. Don’t worry,  there will be no spoilers about what these modes are. However, rest assured that they are as simple and as interesting as the classic gameplay.


Intuitive Controls

Furthermore, even seven-years-old kiddos will feel right at home with the game’s control scheme. With decent mouse precision and a little bit of keyboard magic, we’re pretty sure that you can play the game with ease! So, get your free World Cup Penalty Shootout download now and play the game virtually anywhere!

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