X-Wing Flight
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X-Wing Flight - Fight Interactively Against Star Destroyer in Deep Space

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If you’re a fan of the Star Wars franchise and want to play a related game, try X-Wing Flight. This action game takes the action-packed battle to outer space. You will man a battle spaceship and face different enemy spaceships and subdue them. If you want to experience these and more, download the game and start playing today.

Explore the Deep Space with Your X-Wing

X-Wing Flight is an action game published by Blue Wave. The game takes you where the action takes place – outer space battles. This is not just an ordinary flight battle where you fly your ship from a third-person perspective. Instead, you will be manning your own battle spaceship in the first person. In this way, you fighting against enemy spaceships and taking down their units will be more fascinating. Your spaceship is called X-Wing, and you navigate it in expansive space intending to take down the Tie Fighters and the Star Destroyer.

This task will be challenging because your enemies will also relentlessly take your spaceship down. However, the game provides you with easy navigation controls to shoot enemy spaceships. You can also tap from a variety of weapons to defend your position and execute your attacks. Traverse in the vast deep space and drive your space vehicle to take down enemy spaceships. Be strategic in your every move to have the upper hand and win in action-packed battles.

Engage in Genuine Space Battles

X-Wing Flight offers an action-packed space battle gameplay experience. The game features 7 spacecraft inspired by the iconic Star Wars Saga. You can choose to fly the X-wing or Y-Wing fighter. You can also unlock the famous Millennium Falcon and travel through the galaxy at the speed of 12 parsecs. Each spacecraft comes with its own set of drones, adding to the game’s immersive features. This allows you to experience the battles taking place in deep space. Additionally, you will relive the epic battles between the Republic and Empire as they fly into the unknown.

Another impressive aspect of X-Wing Flight is its realistic laser projectiles. This makes the game feel like a genuine space battle. The smooth HD graphics, brilliant sound effects, and others further enhance the game’s immersion. As you progress, you can upgrade your ships by upgrading the lasers and seeking projectiles. This increases your chances of defeating the Imperial Tie Fighters and securing victory for the rebels. In addition to the first-person view, the game offers three other camera angles. You can switch between first-person, rear, and third-person low-angle perspectives.

Exciting X-Wing Flight Game Key Features to Enjoy

  • Explore a vast expanse of deep space
  • Navigate your spaceship immersively
  • Choose to fly either the X-Wing or Y-Wing
  • Enjoy drones that accompany you in battles
  • Relive the battles between the Republic and Empire
  • Experience the realistic laser projectiles
  • Smooth HD graphics that add a layer to the fun
  • Upgrade your ships as you progress

Download and play X-Wing Flight to start the action-packed space battles. If you love to experience the thrill of more action games, check out Dragon Drill and Falcon Squad.




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