Zombie Evil
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Zombie Evil Download – Protect The World From The Undead

zombie evil download free
zombie evil download full version
zombie evil download PC free
zombie evil download PC
zombie evil download free
zombie evil download full version
zombie evil download PC free
zombie evil download PC

The Earth is being overrun by zombies, as Dr. Evil believes humans no longer deserve to be the dominant species. He amassed an army of zombies and has pushed humanity to the brink of extinction in the Zombie Evil game. Published by FT Games, it’s an arcade zombie shooting game where your goal is to shoot down zombies and survive. It has tower defense-like gameplay since your objective is to defend your position from enemies who’ll attack from different angles.

Additionally, you also have to hunt down Dr. Evil across the world and put a stop to his evil plans. It’s an exciting game where you must make use of various weapons and characters to save the world. Let’s discuss in more detail how to play Zombie Evil in the next section.

How To Properly Play Zombie Evil

When you start, you will immediately face hordes of zombies coming at you. Your character will automatically fire whenever you click the screen. Just click and hold for continuous shooting. Your character will fire in the direction you are currently pointing to. So just drag around the screen and it will follow. Zombies can come from four different paths. Fortunately, all of these paths are at your front, so you can easily take care of these zombies.

But aside from your current weapon, you will also have use of a meteor skill. This is one of the abilities your current character can use along with two more. But to use the meteor, you first need to fill it up with energy. To do that, you just have to kill zombies. And once it’s filled up, you can use it to blast the undead in an area.

You will start the game using only a machine gun. You can purchase a more powerful weapon if you already have enough resources for it. You will also have other characters to use in the game. Each one will also have unique skills and abilities that can help you hold off the zombies. To unlock the other skills, you will need to upgrade your current one, which also costs resources. You earn them by killing zombies and completing the level.

Zombie Evil is a fun and entertaining game that becomes a bit harder as you progress further. You can also choose to have a challenge at the start, opting for the hard level mode. It’s a game that you will enjoy playing.

Zombie-Shooting Gameplay Features

  • 19 different weapons to acquire and use in the game.
  • 6 different characters with unique skills.
  • 3 world maps with 21 classic scenes.
  • Over 126 levels to complete.

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Minimum System Requirements

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