Zumbia Deluxe
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Zumbia Deluxe - Enjoy Shooting Balls Using Balls from a Totem Head

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Match-3 puzzle games gained traction for those players who want to play them during their free time. If you are one of these players, you can take the puzzle experience to the next level. Try playing Zumbia Deluxe to start the matching adventure similar to match-3 games. To try playing this fantastic game, download it on your PC.

Zumbia Deluxe – Experience the Marble Shooting Adventure

Published by Emily Studio, Zumbia Deluxe is a unique puzzle game that shares similarities with match-3 puzzles. The game is originally an offshoot of these games. But it boasts more interesting features. One of these new features is matching mechanics where you shoot balls rather than dragging them onto the board. You will shoot marbles by controlling a totem that also has marble bullets. Each marble bullet that comes from the totem’s mouth can correspond to the marbles outside.

Your goal is to shoot two or more similar marbles outside to eliminate them from the circular funnel. Once you eliminate the similar marbles, more marbles will flow directly into your totem’s territory through this funnel. Continue the shooting process to get the mysterious treasure in every adventure you embark on. Control the totem efficiently to rack up high scores and progress effectively in the game.

Play Through 200 Exciting Levels

Zumbia Deluxe engages you in a unique match-3 puzzle where you will shoot instead of drag. With over 200 levels to bypass, this game promises to keep you occupied for hours on end. Each level is unique, adding to the replayability and offering various playstyles to complete the stage. However, don’t be fooled by the initial ease of the game. The difficulty scales up quickly, particularly after Zumbia Deluxe’s infamous Level 34. Always pay attention to the marbles that come from the totem’s mouth to shoot its target marbles.

Zumba Deluxe also reveals simple rules that are different from other match-3 puzzle games. If a single marble falls in, it’s game over! Fortunately, stacking up combos by shooting marbles rewards you with various power-ups. They include bombs, elemental powers like ice and fire, and even the ability to stop the marbles briefly. The game features simple controls that are easy to handle, with just a mouse needed to shoot. Even more interesting is you will encounter various bosses to defeat after finishing consecutive levels. Each one has different weaknesses and attack patterns to discover.

Zumbia Deluxe Online Unique Puzzle Game Features to Discover

  • Control a totem head where the main marbles are shot
  • Shoot the corresponding marbles that have similar features
  • Play and enjoy the game through 200 levels
  • Focus on the difficulty levels to observe patterns
  • Maximize your gameplay with combos and power ups
  • Encounter various bosses after finishing specific levels
  • More adventures that are not present in other match-3 games

Download and play Zumbia Deluxe to start the unique match-3 puzzle journey. If you’re fond of playing more puzzle games, check out Build a Bridge! and Link Animal. These are available here in Games.lol!




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