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100 Doors 4 – Have Fun Escaping From Many Different Rooms

If you’re someone who enjoys playing room escape games, then you should try playing 100 Doors 4. Published by ZENFOX GAMES, it’s a casual puzzle game where you get to try and escape various rooms. Once you get out from a door, another 1 will greet you that you need to try and escape from. But what’s great about this room escape game is that the gameplay is short. You won’t spend too much time exploring or looking around to try and solve the puzzle to unlock the room.

Play 100 Doors 4 For Free on PC

When you first play 100 Doors 4, you will see that escaping from room to room will be fast and simple. This is because you mostly get to solve 1 to 2 puzzles before you find the key or way to unlock the door and move forward. The first puzzle will be like a tutorial, as it will teach you where to find the clue or the key to help unlock the door.

But after that, you’re on your own. From the tutorial, you’ll see how quick solving the puzzles would be. It’s not like some of the typical room escape games where you get to explore various aspects of a room. You try to solve different puzzles, which will lead to different clues until you finally find the answer to unlocking the door.

Enjoy Short Escape Room Challenges

This escape game is simpler. Usually, you just need to answer 1 puzzle and you’ll already unlock the door or create a way to move forward. For example, 1 room will just require you to remove a picture frame to find a key and unlock the door. Another room just requires you to assemble a hammer and use it to break down the brick wall. This results in quicker gameplay, allowing you to solve more puzzles in a short time.

This is also what makes 100 Doors 4 very addictive to play. The instant gratification you feel for solving a puzzle will attract you to do more. Of course, this doesn’t mean there won’t be some challenges, as puzzles become more difficult as you reach the higher levels. But there are hints that you can use to help you find the solution.

100 Doors 4 Game Features

  • Quick and short puzzles to solve
  • Many different rooms to escape from
  • Puzzles in higher-level rooms are more challenging

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100 doors 4 thrill and fun
100 doors 4 abstract puzzles
100 doors 4 difficult to solve
100 doors 4 puzzle tricks
100 doors 4 thrill and fun
100 doors 4 abstract puzzles
100 doors 4 difficult to solve
100 doors 4 puzzle tricks




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