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2248 – Connect & Slide the Number to Get High Scores

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2248 pc download
2248 gameplay on pc
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If you are looking for a simple and fun puzzle game that also offers a bit of a challenge, check out 2248. It’s a casual puzzle number game where you try to achieve the highest number you possibly can. You just connect two same numbers, and they’ll produce a higher number. Continue doing this until there aren’t any more moves available for you. You’ll learn more when we discuss the gameplay of 228 as well as the features the game offers.

Connect Two Same Numbers & Reach a High Number in 2248

The goal in 2248 is very simple—to get to a high number as you possibly can. But in able to do that, you just connect at least two same numbers for them to produce a higher number. You just slide the numbers that are the same and they’ll automatically group to form a bigger number. You can also connect more than two numbers.

What’s interesting here is that when you connect more than two, you can connect it to a higher number. As long as it’s the next in the sequence. For example, two 2s can be connected to a 4, and so on. This is great and it will make achieving a higher number faster and easier. The game will end when there’s no possible connection left available in the 2248 game.

Make More Number Combinations in 2248

Getting a high number in 2248 is simple but it isn’t easy. You will play on a 5×6 board, which means there will be a total of 30 numbers at any given time. The goal to get a high number is achieved whenever you slide the number to a similar one. Take note that similar numbers should be beside each other for you to connect them. But what’s great is that you can do this in any direction. You can connect up, down, left, right, and even diagonally.

You can also connect more than two similar numbers or a number that’s next in the sequence. This will make it much easier for you to reach the highest number possible. The challenging part comes when you progress since you’ll need more combinations first for your high number. Your game will get a score and a time that indicates how long you’ve been playing. Eventually, you’ll reach a point when there’s no possible connection left you can do. When that happens, it’s game over. Basically, the score you get is just the sum of all numbers you’ve connected already.

Available Game Features To Explore

  • A simple game where you just slide the number to connect similar numbers
  • All numbers that you’ll see are multiples of 2
  • Try to achieve the highest score possible
  • It’s a game that’s good for both adults and kids
  • Combine numbers until there is no possible connection left

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