A3: Still Alive
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A3 Still Alive - Enjoy a Thrilling MMORPG Action

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A fun and exciting MMORPG that you can play is A3 Still Alive. Published by Netmarble, it’s a game where you’re sent to the past before you’re killed. The world is in chaos and nearing destruction, but by going back in time, you’ll have a chance to save the world before the chaos and destruction even begins. The game provides you with an immersive open world that you can explore.

You get to battle powerful demons while also meeting interesting characters and going on amazing adventures. Let’s talk about the gameplay and features of this RPG to know how the game works.

Explore & Battle Powerful Demons in A3 Still Alive

A3 Still Alive provides a compelling storyline that makes completing quests more fun and engaging. Your goal is to try and prevent what happened in the future. It will involve battling numerous demons, which is a big part of the gameplay. You get to use your powerful abilities to turn these demons into ash and prevent the chaos that awaits.

But since A3 Still Alive is an MMORPG, you also have the option to explore the vast open world. You can also interact with other players roaming around exploring and also battling demons. You can also cooperate and team up to take on more challenging quests and dungeons, which is helpful, especially if you team up with powerful players. A3 Still Alive also features other game modes for you to enjoy like the Battle Royale game mode. A truly fun and exciting game you’ll love to play.

Learn How to Play with this A3 Still Alive Guide

It’s not difficult to play this game with a A3 Still Alive guide. The game has an autoplay feature to help automate certain aspects of the gameplay. It includes your character moving on its own to complete the current quests you’re in. It’s a helpful feature since it gives you the ability to focus more on developing and strengthening your character. The game will feature seven different classes for you to choose from when you start playing.

There’s the Berserker, Templar, Soulbinder, Wizard, Scholar, Assassin, and Archer. Each one provides a certain playstyle, so just choose the one you prefer. You can also customize your character’s appearance in A3 Still Alive. You proceed to the gameplay once you’re done. And as mentioned above, you’ll start to enjoy the autoplay feature.

Intense Role-Playing Game Features

  • Autoplay feature where your character will move on its own to complete quests
  • A vast open world to explore
  • Seven different powerful character classes to choose from
  • Compelling storyline to enjoy

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