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Alto’s Adventure

Noodlecake Studios Inc

Alto’s Adventure Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Alto's Adventure Free Odyssey Download for PC | Grinding, Review, Tips, Cheats

If you enjoy playing Subway Surfers, Talking Tom Gold Run, or Vector, then this game is easily for you! In Alto’s Adventure, you steer an ambitious and brave young boy, Alto, through the snowy alps in search of his runaway llamas.

They’ve made out of their pens and are galloping free into the night. Armed only with your snowboard, a scarf and an appetite for adventure, you need not only retrieve your lost llamas, but also execute your practised snowboarding tricks (what you’ve always secretly wanted) with your parents’ permission as you slide down the snowy alpines, going through other villages and dark shadowy forests.

Developed and published by Noodlecake and Snowman, this addictive arcade game is beautifully designed, with the golden hues of a six ‘o clock sun, as well as a pitch dark and moonlit night.. The setting is never the same. This reminds us of a scandinavian landscape, and more often than not, we get distracted by the stunningly picturesque landscape far too often to spot the dangerous rocks in time!

Anyway, Alto’s here to save the day in darkness or in light! Leap on your snowboard and surf away on Alto’s snowy adventures!

Alto's Adventure Gameplay

Here are the game features that we love!

Experience the beauty of Scandinavia

You can see the different sun hues affecting the beautiful snowy scapes at different hours of the day within the game. This game is undeniably suitable for a laptop wallpaper background! If you’re the sort who enjoys the admiring scenery, then the amazing graphics and effects of Alto’s Adventure is bound to enthral you for many hours as you play it. Look at how the sun travels slowly across the sky, and changing the entire mood of the game’s landscapes…

Endless Levels of Fun

This is an endless runner game of over 60 levels and beyond (Alto’s Odyssey) – just how far can you go without peeling your eyes from the screen? There are three challenges within each level that you need to complete every time. For example, in level 8, Alto would need to pick up a magnet and feather in one run, ride through a village, and land 25 backflips in total. These challenges get harder, like in level 60, Alto would need to catch three llamas in an unbroken wingsuit flight, land a 15,000 point combo, and score 250,000 trick points in one run. Expect lots of challenging landscapes as well as harder tricks to execute each time.

Endless levels

Easy gameplay

Alto’s Adventure is an incredibly easy game for people of all ages to play! With the controls consisting of mouse clicks to jump, and click and hold to somersault in the air, and double clicks to jump higher, this game is a shoe in! For any of the landscapes, like in real life, the obstacles are random and unexpected. The only thing that really needs you to pay attention to is the rush of things that might torpedo your snowboard over, as well as chasms that are so wide that it’s impossible to jump without a strong snowboard. Your reaction time and wakefulness also play a huge part in Alto’s Adventure.

Cutesy Llamas

Yup, they have a life of their own. Even Snowman the publisher has collaborated with Zimt Beadwork to create these furry creatures for sale at USD$50 each. Why llamas, you’re wondering. That’s because they’re the new unicorns, of course (check out @llamawithnodrama on Instagram to see what we mean!) They’re pretty hardy creatures for the cold, and look like a cute breed between a camel and a horse! What’s there not to love about them?

Cute Llamas

Unlock different new players

Alto’s not the only one having an adventure! Unlock his other friends throughout the game as you progress the levels (yes, even Felipe the llama, unlocked at level 41). There are six characters you can unlock, along with Alto. There’s Maya, unlocked at level 11, who is incredibly good with backflips! Followed by Paz, unlocked at level 21. He’s slow and bad at backflips, but because of his size, he’s able to gain momentum fast! After Paz comes Izel, a supercool girl who has a rocket powered snowboard, unlocked at level 30. The last character is Tupa, unlocked at level 51. He’s able to do all the tricks from the previous characters. He can do flips like Maya, Paz’s momentum gaining ability, and Felipe’s double-jumping. He has a cat’s 9 lives (metaphorically), in that he is able to survive a fall into the chasm, even without the Chasm Rescue Pickaxe!

Different Players

Tips, tricks, cheats in Alto’s Adventure, Alto’s Odyssey news

Which moves score more points?

Single backflips: 10 points per flip

Rock bounces: 80 points

Grinds on lines or roofs: start at 10 points then add 5 points every 2 meters

Multiplier effect – continuously do these without faltering and you’ll be racking up lots of points!


Stay away from the Elders

It’s stressful enough to be sliding down mountains full of rocks – we don’t need grumpy elders and their llamas coming after us! This reminds us of Jake in Subway Surfers being chased by the inspector and his dog. Stay ahead of them once you’ve awoken those pesky elders, and make sure you do plenty of backflips and grinds, because when you land safely, you actually land way ahead. Their llamas can’t jump over the chasms as well, so you can shake them off during those rocky scenarios!


Night time gets tricky

When you get a time change to night time, it’s harder to see rocks and other dangerous things, or your path. Apart from the moon and the glowing coins, it’s pretty much dark everywhere. A useful tip is to move to a completely dark room and turn on your PC light to the fullest as you navigate the cold, dark mountains! You’ll get a bonus of 1,000 points if you last through the dread of the night and make it to day.


Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey was just released this February 2018, delayed from the initial Summer of 2017, but it’s game worth waiting for! Some refer to it as Alto’s Adventure 2, but its name is Alto’s Odyssey. How’s it different from the first original game? Where Alto was surfin’ down the snowy caps of the Scandinavian mountains in Alto’s Adventure, he is surfing on sand, sea and other landscapes in Alto’s Odyssey that are as wildly beautiful as its predecessor! His friends also get to join in the adventure (what’s an adventure without your friends), and this becomes a ride to remember – not just for Alto and friends but for you too! Navigate through lush deserts, ride gnarly waves and escape the loathsome lemurs! Expect Sumara, the newest character, who will replace Tupa at level 51! Her superpower? Lemurs can’t bug her!


Like the sound of Alto’s Adventure? Download and play this game on PC today!

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Ratings and Reviews

Speeding fun!

5 5 1
Awesome game! the game loads well and i can play it anytime i want!

Very Addiction Game!

5 5 1
This is a very addictive game, im playing it everyday! Great Job Guys!

Cool Game

4 5 1
This is really one of the nice looking 2D Games out there. i highly recommend it.

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