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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

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About this Game


Good day, Mayor. Wondering what the latest happenings in your beautiful town are? Would you like to take a look at your beautiful neighbourhood and see your people? Check out the remarkable farm life in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

From the creator of excellent video games like Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong comes another highly addictive game. In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, you play the role of the town’s Mayor, making sure your community flourishes. You start on a fun campsite then making it grow into a big community filled with happy people and animals. What’s more, you can connect with your friends and help out each other grow in your respective neighbourhoods.


Starting in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Game

Of course, you don’t start as a leader of the town; you begin as a campsite manager. With gorgeous scenery in the background, it’s up to you to make the place even more beautiful. You get access to many accessories that you can mix and match to achieve the design you desire. From tents to fireplaces, from hammocks to stuffed animal sofa, you can create to your heart’s content. Make the campsite your own with a touch of your crafts and arts. Explore your creativity and imagination and build a place for your animal friends. Enjoy the beauty of nature in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.


Different Camping Life in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Game

Do you want to get out and see nature? Take advantage of the many things that camp life has to offer. Go out to the nearby recreation areas and enjoy outdoor activities like fishing, trekking, gathering fruits, or collecting bugs.


Say Hello to New Animal Friends in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Play

Do you love animals? Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has a lot of them. Make new friends and say hello to these cuddly creatures. Grow your circle and earn cool rewards every time you build new friendships. These adorable critters will gladly help you find everything you need to make your camp and grow it. Need help with your craft materials to build furniture and other amenities? Get in touch with the hardworking handyman Cyrus. Just place your order, and he will get right to work. Anything you need to get done for your campsite, Cyrus will take care of it.


Get the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Download for PC

You’re probably wondering how to download Animal Crossing for PC. It’s easy. If you want to experience an unblocked feature, you can go to and try the game on your own. Click and search for the game and click the play now button! A prompt will flash on your screen stating the first step that you should do to try the game. Once everything is settled, the installation process will start to move. From then on, you can proceed with the following instructions and work on the game with your friends! Isn’t that easy? Enjoy the fun camp adventures and fresh challenges. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp How to Download


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