Baby Games for 1+ Toddlers
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Bebi Family: preschool learning games for kids

Baby Games For 1+ Toddlers - An Educational Casual Game for Your Kids

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Video games are very fun to play, especially for kids. But at what age should kids start playing video games? Well, you can start making them play games at 1 year old. That’s right! There are many great games out there that toddlers can play and one of those games is Baby Games For 1+ Toddlers by Bebi Family: preschool learning games for kids. It’s a casual game designed for kids that are also educational.

This casual kids’ game features many different mini-games, each with a learning component that will benefit your kid when they play it. Furthermore, it’s a great and fun game that even 1-year-old kids will enjoy playing.

A Fun Casual Game For Toddlers To Enjoy

As mentioned earlier, Baby Games For 1+ Toddlers is a game that’s designed for very young kids. It’s a game that even 1-year-olds could play. Moreover, it features many different mini-games, each with an educational component that toddlers could enjoy and learn from. What’s great is that the games are very simple and easy to play, which means your kids won’t have a hard time following them.

The games are also designed like a storybook, so when you and your kid play, it’s like playing an interactive story. For example, one game is about helping a bear family complete their pre-bedtime routine. There’s also a game where you get to help an astronaut bear launch to outer space. Overall, they’re great games you and your kids will enjoy playing together.

How To Play Baby Games For 1+ Toddlers

Since Baby Games For 1+ Toddlers is a game for 1-year-olds, the gameplay is simple and easy to learn. There will be guides and instructions, especially if your kid gets stuck. Let’s go back to the bear game for example. What you and your kid will do here is to just match items to the right bear. So, the big item will go to the papa bear, the medium item to the mama bear, and the small item to the baby bear. Additionally, there will be several activities like this until they complete their routine of showering, eating, relaxing, and finally going to bed.

Of course, not all games will be like storybooks. There are simpler games like matching the adult animal with its baby counterpart. It’s still a fun game, either way, so your kid will still enjoy it. And as you can see from the example, it’s casual game you can use to help teach your kid basic education.

Kids Game Features Your Little Ones Shouldn’t Miss Out

  • 15 learning games available for babies under 5
  • Simple and easy to play games that toddlers will enjoy
  • Enjoy many storybook-like games to play
  • Have fun spending time with your kids

Playing casual kids’ games is always fun and it’s a great bonding moment that you can have with your children. It’s also a great way to make learning fun. Other fun kids’ games that you can try are Khan Academy Kids and Fireman For Kids. They’re both awesome games that you can download here in!




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