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About this Game

Few games manage to nail the food business simulator formula and make it an ongoing match for years. One of those is Bakery Story – a light and fun-filled bakery game where you get to manage your bakeshop where people will come to flock and buy. Create delicious pieces of bread, shape delectable desserts, and expand your pastry empire to other regions. Download and play the game for free here.

A Special Tale

It all starts with you opening up a bakery after finally having the money for investment. You are the only one in town that runs a bakery and restaurant that people would want to buy freshly baked bread and all types of pastries. You get to meet exciting people, various locales, and new recipes to find along with the game. It’s a tale where the bread tells many stories.

Uncover New Delectable Recipes

You don’t just want to be stuck with a few recipes; you might want to have all of them. The game is full of various recipes to unlock, including new cakes, different kinds of bread, and a persistent cookie choice.

You get to unlock them via leveling up or through achieving specific missions in the game.

Bake in Real-Time

One of the unique segments of the game is its real-time progression. One baked good may only take 15 minutes, but others may need at least a day to get fully cooked. This is an opportunity for you to explore other areas in the game while you take the time to prepare them.

Tag Your Friends Along

Of course, it’s not a casual restaurant game without having your friends in the game. With just one click of a button, you can connect to your Facebook friends. Here, you get to earn exclusive rewards and better bonuses whenever you visit their bakeries.

Game Features:

    • Design and build your bakery online.
    • Practice your baking skills all for free!
    • Invite your friends to play with you and collaborate recipes!
    • Showcase your bakery online and deliver good pastries!
    • Download for free on PC

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