Block Craft 3D Building Simulator Games For Free
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Block Craft 3D for PC: Fun Building Simulator Game Free Download

block craft 3d download free
block craft 3d download full version
block craft 3d download PC free
block craft 3d download PC
block craft 3d download free
block craft 3d download full version
block craft 3d download PC free
block craft 3d download PC

The sky’s the limit for creativity in this interactive open-world game Block Craft 3D, where players will explore the vast landscape to acquire different sets of blocks to build houses, buildings, sculptures, and many other things that one’s imagination can create.

Know More About Block Craft 3D

Prepare to build your city with blocks and keep adding new features as you come up with new ideas each time. Block Craft 3D is a free interactive construction game that will certainly hook you for hours playing up to your heart’s content. There are always new things to do out of so many amazing elements in this game. More than what you can think of!

The game features various constructions, from houses to castles, and even famous towers. You can adopt a pet dog to start with and move to a giraffe later on. You can also unlock different thrilling mini-games that you can enjoy to pass the time. It’s a hard-to-resist and hard-to-stop game once you start playing. Download and play Block Craft 3D now!


Block Craft 3D is very simple. You will first choose your character and then you will be placed on an empty field. From there, you can now construct buildings, houses, and towers of your choice to build your city. All buildables in Block Craft 3D can be customized to whatever way you want it to be.

Block Craft 3D Highlights

  • Limitless Open-World experience – get to build amazing buildings in 3D and just do whatever you want in this game. Explore the vast landscape or create friends and visit their villages. It’s all up to you. There won’t be anyone to stop you.
  • Simple building and mining mechanics – You can create custom blocks to complete a building blueprint and craft special furniture to decorate it! Aside from that, you can sell them to others for gems.
  • Countless hours of non-stop building – the game focuses on building and constructing alone. There won’t be any pressure to put up your defenses for survival.
  • New Content: Play with awesome pixel pets – unlike any other building simulator games, Block Craft 3D does not feature any monsters that would be gunning for you. Just have fun and play with pets! You can adopt a dog, a cat, or massive animals like elephants!
  • Visit Your Friends in Multiplayer mode – start exploring other villages by visiting friends and help them finish their construction.

Head over to Block Craft 3D and enjoy a chill building simulation game with no pressure. Also, if you are into building simulation games, why not try some of the most popular of them? Download Pocket City Free and Tiny Tower Vegas for free!




How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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