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About this Game

Would you like to know what happens when you Counter-Strike and Minecraft had a baby? You get Block Strike! This online multiplayer shooter game brings in the classic tactical FPS gameplay into a more bite-sized world. Filled with the same aesthetics of the blocky builder game mixed with elements of modern classic shooters, Block Strike easily grips you in a competitive action game that will bring you an explosive experience like never before! Get it now on PC for free. Also, the game includes custom key bindings to make it easier for you to use the mouse and keyboard. Best of all, you can cross-play with both phone users and emulator players at the same time! This is not a hack APK version but rather the fully-fledged game from App Store and Google Play ported to the PC.


50 Maps to Dominate in Block Strike

In Block Strike, you don’t settle with one or even eight maps. You get to play in 50 maps! Best of all, every one of them is free right from the start! Challenge in classic Dust maps, large wide-open snowfields with dispersed long-range sniper rifles, or close-ranged urban factories to shed 8-bit blood quickly. Also, every map feels respectfully balanced and good enough for players of any gun main.


15 New and Classic Game Modes

When you think of online FPS, you think of Team Deathmatch, Defusal, Hostage, Gun Game, Zombies, and even Surf. Well, Block Strike includes all those plus additional exclusive modes such as Bunny Hop and Chicken Run! And just like the maps, all the game modes are unlocked for free!


Textbook Guns Redesigned in 8-Bit

Of course, you get to have all the favorite weapons you’ve played from other FPS games. Crowd favorites such as the AK47, M4, Desert Eagle and MP5 make their reprisal here. Additionally, the game also includes other cool weapons like throwing knives, axes and chicken rocket launchers.

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