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Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles is a game that will not only test your physics know-how but also your patience. Some of the levels are hard and you could get stuck. But fret not as brings you some of the guides for every level to help you get through these challenging stages. Brain It On online game challenges players to solve difficult puzzles while testing their knowledge of physics. Read on for more Brain It on walkthrough solutions for the various levels in one of the best puzzle games for free unblocked games. If you liked Love Balls, you would absolutely love this amazing physics-based puzzle game! Download and play on PC now!
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Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles Game Features

Put your physics knowledge to test with more than 100 brain-teasing puzzles from Brain It On! These challenging puzzles will definitely test your brain power and patience.

More than 100 Brain-Busting Physics Puzzles

Be creative and think out of the box! Most of these puzzles have multiple solutions so you can either find the best solution or just the simplest one you can think of! Unlock more puzzles as you progress. The objective of each level is different so be sure to read the instructions carefully before proceeding. You are only given 10 seconds to solve each puzzle! Earn stars while solving the puzzles. You can earn up to 3 stars for each level. Obtain the first star for being able to solve the puzzle. Get the second one by solving the puzzle within the number of shapes allocated. The last star can be obtained by solving the puzzle within the time limit.
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Challenge your Friends

Bring the bacon home and be on the top of the game. If you do not like to play alone, come challenge your friends and compete for the Brain It On! crown. Log in to Facebook to see the top players on the leaderboard. Do you have what it takes to outperform them? Try the game now!

Retro Gaming Style

Brain It On! game is a simple yet fun with cartoony graphics and minimalist design. The simplistic graphics make the game seem easy, but if you look at each level closely, you will find that the puzzles are rather challenging. Each level presents a whole new level for gamers to solve using their cleverness and in some cases their determination and luck. The game requires a good knowledge of physics as it will require players to draw shapes on the screen to help the ball move in different ways. Without any complex rules, this game is perfect for players of all ages.

Multiple Ways to Solve each Puzzle

What makes the game interesting is that even though there are better solutions to each puzzle, there is actually no single solution. You may solve a level by dropping shapes or you may use a lever to get through it. Either way, you can solve it in any way you can think of. There are tons of ways to solve each puzzle but some solutions may not work due to the time limit. Hence, it’s up to you which solution you are going to use to complete the specific level. Be bold and creative. Do not be afraid to try out your theory. Who knows? You may get a better solution than the one in the walkthroughs

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Challenging yet Addictive Puzzles

You might find the game difficult at the beginning, maybe too difficult as you may find yourself failing several times in one level. But that will change as you go along. The good flow and style of the puzzles are sure to keep you hooked. In addition, it’s a free game so you will lose nothing but your nerve and you’ll keep your brain in good shape on top of that! The game has no trickery or gimmicks that will annoy you, in fact, it will remind you of the portal physics games of good old days.

Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles Games Tips and Tricks

Don’t Pressure Yourself

Though you have to complete every level to move forward, the game allows you to play one level ahead of your current level. This means that you can bypass that particular level and try your luck again later. This will allow you to earn more stars that you can use to unlock next level tier or 20 more levels. The goal is to enjoy playing and exercise your brain so don’t take things too seriously.

Purchase the Game

Pop-up ads can be annoying and it could add pressure to the game if you have to close it every now and then. Disable it by purchasing the “No Popup Ads” option to remove the ads between each level or you can purchase the “Full game” to remove all ads, unlock levels early, unlock all hints and unlock the level editor.
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Here are More Tips to Finish Each Level in Brain It On!

With Brain It On! Physics Puzzle, five levels are unlocked at a time and you will need to complete four of the five to unlock the next five levels, here are few more hints that will let you move further.

Level 1: Draw a Shape

As per the instructions, simply draw a shape on the game board and you are good to go! Be it a circle, a square, or a heart. Level 1 serves as a warm-up and a giveaway of stars for the players.

Level 2: Make the Ball Hit the Left Wall

To solve this level, draw a line above the right side of the ball to make it land and hit the ball on the right. This will in turn result in the ball rolling to the left and hitting the wall.

Level 3: Tilt the Shape to the Right

Draw a line that is heavy enough to bring the see-saw figure to the right side.

Level 4: Tip the Glass onto the Ground

Draw a hook that leads from the interior of the glass to the exterior. The weight of the line outside the cup will cause the glass to topple over.

Level 5: Place only Two Balls in the Glass

Draw a short line above the 3 balls so that it lands on the balls and separate them. Watch the balls roll down the shelf and into the glass. If all of the 3 balls are rolling towards the glass, draw another line on top of the glass to cover it so that the last ball will not go into the glass.

Level 6: Place an Object in the Small Box

The aim of this level is to drop an object into the small box in the red zone. First, draw a vertical line near the right edge of the larger box and make it slope inwards so that the line can lean on the right wall of the larger box. Next, draw a dot above the right edge of the larger box to make it bounce into the small box in the red zone.
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Level 7: Place an Object inside the Glass

Draw an inverted V on the left panel and let it fall towards the right side, into the red zone. You will complete this level when the tip on the line enters the glass.

Level 8: Lift the Ball off the Ground

Draw a line underneath the left side of the ball. Draw another line that reached the bottom of the right side of the ball to fully lift the ball from the ground.

Level 9: Get the Ball out of the Bowl

Draw an inverted V from inside of the bowl to the outside. The long tail on the outside of the bowl will cause the bowl to overturn and thereby releasing the ball.

Level 10: Remove the Cap

To remove the cap from the triangular structure, draw a structure that looks like a beer bottle opener with a heavy handle. Gravity will bring the handle down and thereby lifting the cap.

Level 11: Make the Magnets Touch

Drop a line on the left edge of the magnet on the left and see it roll towards the other magnet. Alternatively, you can also drop a line on the right edge of the magnet on the right and let it roll to the left.

Level 12: Separate the Magnets

Draw a straight line that cuts between the 2 magnets. Add extra strokes to the line without lifting your pen to increase the weight of the line.

Get your brain cracking and start playing Brain It On today! Catch other game guides on our Guide page today! Try out other fun puzzle games such as Cut the Rope and 1Line too! Download now!

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brain it on blue ball between 1 and scribble
brain it on big cog puzzle place orange ball
brain it on seesaw puzzle and ball in cogs
brain it on solved puzzle best time




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