Castle Cats: Epic Story Quests
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Download Castle Cats Game Free for PC | Castle Cats, Cat Guide, Hacks and Eggs

castle cats heart chocolate material boost
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castle cats heart chocolate material boost
castle cats two cats alerted on street dog
castle cats story book selection
castle cats three cat heroes collected

If you haven’t yet noticed, our generation is obsessed with cats (Talking Tom & Ben News, My Talking Tom, The Battle Cats, Talking Tom Gold Run). So what does Castle Cats: Epic Story Quests have to offer that the others don’t already have? We’ve got several reasons! These feline cuties are wonderfully designed battling cats that stick together in guilds in order to keep the Evil Pugnomancer and his zombie dogs at bay and to keep the land of Catania safe!

This game raises the bar for feline obsession! Embark on quests, develop your guild space, expand your cat collection, level them up or evolve them for bigger battles, customize favorites with your preferred choice, and many others! Start off the game with Conan, Catniss (we love this name!) and Francis, who are the Knight, Archer, and Mage respectively. There will be more than 60 unique cat heroes that you can unlock as you progress in the game.

Are you ready? It’s time to team up with the cats to protect Catania and reclaim lost land—and to finally wipe that smug grin off the Evil Pugnomancer’s face! Be part of the epic story of the cats! (We hope you’re not too much of a dog person.)

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Here are some features that we love:

100+ Cute Cat Heroes to Collect

With this many cute cats to collect, you won’t grow lazy and/or bored of the game! You start off first with three adorable cats who become friends quickly: Conan, Catniss, and Francis. They each have unique powers, and you will see that in time, all the cats you unlock will have special powers that are different from each other—no two cats are the same! Your cats are civilized, so there won’t be any unnecessary cat fights as you unlock all 60 cats to live on the same plot of land; you must be a crazy cat lady or man with this many cats! When you complete levels, you unlock the cats (surprise!). (Because they don’t show you what you’re going to get). You can choose to unlock common boxes or rare boxes with coins or gems to get cats differently.

castle cats heroes yet to be collected

Cat Warriors evolving and crafting

Not only will you get to keep these cats, you must also train, groom, and equip them for battle! Train them in the training field so that they are ready and leveled up adequately for the battles… then send them off for quests to level up and win rewards! You’ll be able to evolve them, but a few essential things need to be present, like having blue or green embers. Use the fortress to monitor and evolve your cats! You also have options to make your cats visible or not, but we feel that’s more like when you’ve got over 20 cats!

cat evolve catniss skills and evolution path

Participate in Exciting Monthly Events, or just do Quests!

There are a few major events that you can participate in that will involve a lot of talk amongst community gamers who play Castle Cats! It’s so exciting to see what the events have in store for you! There have been many previous events like Valentine’s Day, or Purrismas, and these events always released special cats up for grabs! Events are exciting things (even if you can’t afford these special cats) and seasons that cause a stir in the Castle Cats community!

If you don’t think you’re interested in any of the cats or can’t afford them anyway, head on to your Quests tab to continue on in the cat journey to free cats from dangerous otherworldly creatures!

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castle cats daily quest scroll

Manage all your smithing tools, woodcutting stumps, and fortresses

Metal, wood, and cloth are the raw materials that will give you silk, old wood, and gold nuggets!

What do these things do? You can trade them around to get things you need, or you can use the materials you’ve collected to upgrade your establishments. Some things can only be unlocked at a higher level, but you do start with the woodcutting stump first! Use these materials to upgrade your fortress and keep it up to speed with improvements.

Mini Game to put you ahead in the Game

There is one mini-game that you can play, “Murrmory”, that helps you earn more coins and other rewards! The more you play, the higher the chances you get in unlocking great rewards! The better you are at the game, meaning making fewer moves in the least possible time, the better your rewards!

castle cats gem reward for a good job

You won’t walk alone!

This game is all about the cat community! Conan isn’t alone; he has Catniss and Francis, and this list will keep expanding. Fight battles with many cats together! Or rest and recuperate in the cat home together! There’s always a fuzzy sense of belonging as you play the game… aww, this makes us want to adopt some virtual cat (My Talking Tom?).

castle cats hanging out with cat friends

castle cats four cats against wood beast

Tips, tricks and cheats for Castle Cats

Cats are your Daily Rewards!

Daily prizes are a must! Login everyday to unlock yours to boost your cat community! Unlike many other games where you just unlock coins or gold, this game allows you to unlock cats! The more consistently you login, the stronger the cats unlocked! Yes, there may be many cats and not collecting some might not deter you from anything, but all the cats are different, and you probably need a unique cat one way or another, and what better or easier way to do that than to simply log in once a day?

castle cats cleared day one reward

Selling similar cats away can help you get ember

The flame icons you see in the game are embers. There are six different colors of embers, and every cat would need one of the six to evolve. But you see, sometimes you get two similar or overlapping cats that you don’t need. In cases like this, you can maximize both cat space and embers by selling away the cat heroes you don’t want. When you do, embers get logged back into your inventory, and you can use ‘em to evolve the other cats that you care about.


Click on your cats for gold

Clicking on your cat rapidly will allow you to shake off gold from their fur! Sneaky cats, hiding these gold pieces inside their innocent coat of fur…


Don’t waste money on Common/Regular boxes

Yup, you may have lots of coins to afford those, but just don’t do it. They’re not that impactful in the long run, so just save them up for something else like the rare and epic ones. They will contain traits that you can’t find easily.


Upgrade your cat space in this succession

Guild (to send out more cats than just one or two) → Woodcutting stump (factory) → Cloth factory → Quest Board


Like the sound of this game? Download Castle Cats: Epic Story Quests and play it for free on PC today!




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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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