Castle Cats – Idle Hero RPG
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PocApp Studios

Castle Cats PC - Your Quest to Becoming the Best Feline Leader

castle cats download free
castle cats download full version
castle cats download PC free
castle cats download PC
castle cats download free
castle cats download full version
castle cats download PC free
castle cats download PC

Do you find cats adorable? Well, if you’re immensely hooked with the fluffiness of these creatures, then you better not miss playing Castle Cats. In this idle hero RPG, you’ll immerse yourself in the unique world of extraordinary cats. Here, you’ll become the leader of cat heroes and you need to manage them.

Published by PocApp Studios, Castle Cats enables you to collect different types of adorable cats. After that, you’ll need to prepare them for various battles. However, what makes this idle hero RPG impressive is that it offers loads of captivating graphics that will surely catch your attention. So, are you ready to manage your very own adorable feline group? Play Castle Cats now!

Immerse in the Winsome World of Castle Cats

As you begin playing the Castle Cats game, you will first need to customize your character, who will become the guild leader of your cat group. Then, as your level goes up, you’ll get a chance to unveil more exciting things about your character. For instance, you’ll discover elements that can hone your character and your felines as well. Also, you can opt for more than 100 customizable items for your leader.

Once your character is established, you’ll be set with your first feline character, who will immerse you in different matches. As you progress in the game, you’ll get a chance to collect more cats as this adventure game gives you more than 200 cat heroes. Going back to the matches, take note that your matches run in automatic mode. Just ensure that your character’s skills are correctly assembled. Once you’ve won the match, you’ll receive exciting rewards in the form of diamonds, gold, and experience that can be advantageous to you and your cat group.

Upgrade Your Cat’s Skills

The more you progress in Castle Cats, the more difficult the game will be. Therefore, you should upgrade your character’s abilities to withstand your enemies successfully. Furthermore, don’t forget to enhance the rank of your feline characters by simply clicking the red exclamation mark. From there, you’ll know the needed conditions to upgrade your cat.

Once your cat is upgraded, you’ll surely notice obvious physical changes in your character and its power. The more your character is upgraded, it will become more adorable and dramatic. Also, you’ll see that its skills and traits will also rank up.

Even though you wish to collect more cats, there’s a certain limited number of cats you can collect. Therefore, if you wish to enlarge the capacity of your fortress, it is advisable to level it up. That way, the limit number of cats you can own will also increase. Furthermore, for more exciting stuff and rewards, it’s also recommended to immerse yourself in various events.

Castle Cats Adventure Game Features Worth Checking Out

  • A fun yet charming idle role-playing adventure game
  • Choose and customize your guild leader
  • Modify your guild leader with more than 100 customization options
  • Collect, evolve, and train more than 200 cat heroes
  • Immerse in various automatic mode battles
  • Enhance the level of your fortress to collect more cats
  • Participate in various events for more exciting rewards

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How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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