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About this Game

Cats are one of the cutest animals on Earth. They are the perfect pets because they are extremely low maintenance, and all you need to do is feed them and pet them. It’s no wonder there are millions of cat lovers all over the world. Also, mix this cute bunch with puzzle-solving, and you get a fun adventure with your feline friends! Cat Life is a fun puzzle game developed by Cross Field Inc.

Play with some of the cutest furry felines around including a Scottish fold, a Munchkin, and even a Bengal cat! You can also pet, feed, and do some fun activities with them as if you own one in real life! So marvel at their cute, fluffy furs and play the game on your PC now!

Play with Your Digital Furry Felines

Aside from being able to own every possible species in the world, you can also participate in some challenging puzzle games. Solving these challenges will reward you with some new pets and neat rewards like cat food and toys! Completing every objective in a puzzle will get you stars– the more stars you earn, the more rewards you get.

To successfully overcome the challenges, you need to line up the jewels in every stage. Doing so will earn you some points. You complete a level by reaching for the goal score found at the top left corner of your screen. The game also offers power-ups to help you accomplish your goals.

If you want to take a break from all the puzzles you can lounge around with your furry friends. Pet them, play with them, even stroke their fur for much-needed cuddling. You are allowed to keep a maximum of 12 cats in the game– with over 20 different species to choose from. It’s a relaxing casual game with a few challenges to keep your mind active! It’s also the perfect game for feline fans!

Cat Life Game Features To Check Out

  • Complete and solve puzzles.
  • Unlock new species by completing a puzzle with a shadow cat icon.
  • Spend time with the furry pets and feed them.
  • The perfect game for cat lovers.

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