Cinderella Fashion Salon – Makeup & Dress Up Download Free PC Games on Gameslol
Cinderella Fashion Salon – Makeup & Dress Up Best PC Games

Cinderella Fashion Salon – Makeup & Dress Up

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Cinderella Fashion Salon – Makeup & Dress Up Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Cinderella Fashion Salon - Makeup & Dress Up for PC | Download Dress-Up Game

Imagine wanting to go to a party but you cannot. It can be very disappointing, would you say so? Have you ever experienced this feeling? That is what Cinderella is feeling about the upcoming royal ball. Poor girl, as much as she wants to go to the grand event, she does not have beautiful clothes to wear or make-up to make her look prettier than she already is. But she really does want to attend the party. Who knows? She might meet her special someone in the ball, perhaps someone of royal descent, maybe a prince. Can you help our beautiful heroine as she embarks on a mission to get the most amazing dress for the royal ball? Join Cinderella as she turns herself into a beautiful princess in the Cinderella Fashion Salon – Makeup & Dress Up PC game.


Wondering what to expect in the game?

The Cinderella Fashion Salon – Makeup & Dress Up game follows the story of the poor beautiful girl. As a daughter of a nobleman, her life was transformed when her father died and she was left in the care of her stepmother. However, things are not so fortunate for her after her father’s untimely demise. She is forced to work as household staff, leaving all the chores to her. All this while her stepmother and stepsisters enjoy living the high life. There is nothing in the world she ever wanted more than to go to the royal ball. But the problem is she does not have beautiful clothes to wear. Will you help her?

In the Cinderella Fashion Salon – Makeup & Dress Up PC game, you need to help pick the beautiful dress and make-up, and transform her into a princess. As the story goes, you will also need a pumpkin and a couple of mice to create a transport fit for a princess. Of course, the focal point of all this is her majestic glass slippers that will draw Prince Charming’s attention. Step into the magical world of fantasy and fashion. Play Cinderella Fashion Salon – Makeup & Dress Up free. For more girls’ games, check out PJ Party – Princess Salon and Adult Coloring: Flowers!

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