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About this Game

Have you watched those reality TV Shows where cheaters are caught live on cam? If so, you will have a very fun time playing Clue Hunter! This game is all about catching cheaters, and you’re tasked to prove that your client’s husbands are lying, adulterous villains. Clue Hunter PC is a funny and hilarious game that you will grow to love. The puzzles are filled with exciting clues that can either lead you in the right direction or throw you off!

Help your clients catch their cheating husbands, even if it will break their hearts. What’s important is you get that bounty money all to yourself! Click on the Clue Hunter download to play on your PC for free!

A Detective Game for Amateurs

Play Clue Hunter online and become a detective with the most amazing skills to sniff out even the most obscure clues. Developed by Lion Studios, this is another puzzle game that is different from other titles. Solve the problem of your clients and explore new levels, each more challenging than the last. Make sure your client will never forgive their partners or else you don’t get to keep the bounty! It’s all about proving that cheaters never change!

If you love solving puzzles, playing detective, and the dramatic effect of it all, Clue Hunter is the perfect PC game for you to play. Get the free download and enjoy!

How to Play Clue Hunter

Clue Hunter is a very simple puzzle game for everyone. To start, you will need to catch your clients cheating. There are choices along the way, so you need to make the right decision and prove that you are correct. It’s all about how you interpret the clues. You need to make sure they never kiss and make-up. Because once they do, you will fail the round. You also won’t be able to get the reward! In every room, there will be different choices to make. So make the right one, and win the level!

This puzzle game is extraordinary because it has many fun elements that could keep you on your toes and hooked for hours! Play Clue Hunter and catch the cheater once and for all!

Clue Hunter Game Features

  • Levels with different challenges/choices to make
  • Solve cases and catch liars/cheaters
  • A game for everyone
  • Immersive gameplay

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