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About this Game

The cat’s out of the bag! There’s a new puzzle game adorned with adorably purrrrfect little kitties! But there are some problems, the neighborhood cats are hungry and the kitties don’t like baths. You need to rescue them!

What Makes Cookie Cats Pop Purrfect?

Cookie Cats Pop is a matching game where you just have to aim for cookie bubbles with the same color in the field. These same color bubbles will explode when they touch each other. Poppin lots of these cookie bubbles will keep the kitty cats well-fed! When the cats are happy and well-fed, you will be rewarded with special power-ups like fireballs that will burn a certain area or musical ones that will get rid of the entire section you choose.

This fun puzzle game has over 400 levels and a high score table. Although Cookie Cats Pop does not bring anything new to the game mechanics of puzzle or matching games, the graphic and bright color palette visuals of the game and the musical soundtrack give a more enticing appeal to it than other existing puzzle games.

Available for PC Download

Are you ready to pop some bubbles and beat your friends? Cookie Cat Pop is now available on PC! Play your way through the neighborhood popping colorful cookie bubbles. Join your fur-ntastic feline friends, Belle, Ziggy, Smokey, Rita, Berry, and countless other adorable kitties to rescue some cute kittens and discover more pawe-some new places!

Cookie Cats Pop is fun, easy and just a-meow-zing that it will make you play for hours on end! Don’t believe us? See for yourself! Stay tuned for more updates that will be added — newer and more challenging levels for the game. Start your pawsome journey with cuddly cats and colorful bubbles only on Cookie Cats Pop now! Then, get some new puzzle games free to download, like Puzzle Game and 1Line!

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